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What US health insurers can learn from a CX leader

12th Aug 2020
Independent research and advisory firm Forrester
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It’s been a strong year for the customer experience (CX) at US health insurers: Half of the insurers that Forrester evaluated in its Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) earned a statistically significant score increase. Unsurprisingly, this led a statistically significant score increase in the industry overall. 

One of the biggest stories this year is Florida Blue’s 5.8-point improvement. The brand made a leap from the middle of the pack in 2019 to the No. 1 spot in 2020. This is especially impressive because from 2016 to 2018, its scores barely moved, rising by less than half a point each year. 

So, what can Florida Blue’s leap be attributed to? A few things come to mind: 

  • The insurer has taken a deliberate, disciplined approach to improving its customer experience. This was a multiyear effort that has just begun to come to fruition. 
  • People and process played a leading role in the transformation. The CX team at Florida Blue won hearts and minds among employees at all levels. 
  • CX technologies enabled a cross-channel view of the customer. The CX team picked the right partners and then put in the effort to collect and analyse the right data. 
  • Discipline around prioritisation allowed the CX team to make smart choices about what projects it should invest in, balancing customer and business needs. 

The approach that Florida Blue is taking to CX is working, and other insurers can learn from it. If the insurer continues down this path, we anticipate that it will continue to see gains in 2021. 

If you are a Forrester customer, stay tuned for the upcoming report, “The US Health Insurers CX Index, 2020,” which will share more insights about the industry and what you can do to improve CX and prove that the investments have been worth it. 

You can register to join Forrester’s CX EMEA event from 18-19 November 2020 here.   


This post was written by senior analyst Faith Adams, senior analyst Judy Weader and senior advisor Greg Barber and it appeared here.   

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