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5 SMS Marketing Tools To Engage With Your Customer

25th Jul 2016
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When it comes to customer outreach, email marketing is often considered extremely vital. Gathering email IDs of your prospects gives you access to their inbox through which you can continue to engage them with the hope of converting them into a customer down the road. But for small and local businesses, nothing is more valuable than the prospect’s phone number. Not all local business customers check their email. With a proper SMS marketing strategy, it is possible to reach your customers when you want to - more than 95% of text messages get read within the first few minutes. In this article, we will take a look at some of the top tools in SMS marketing that you could possibly check out for customer outreach. 

1. Hubbion

If you are looking at tools to reach out via email, voice, fax in addition to SMS, then Hubbion is a good option to look at. This is a multi-channel tool with global reach that business users can deploy to reach out to customers via SMS, MMS, voice, email, fax and even postcards. Besides this, Hubbion also comes with marketing automation tools including the ability to track keywords in incoming messages and executing certain processes like adding the sender’s number to a list, send them offers, etc. There are no monthly subscriptions to pay and that is another reason that makes Hubbion extremely valuable for customer outreach. Starter plans cost less than 3 cents per SMS and this goes down with an increase in volumes. 

2. WebEngage

Like Hubbion, WebEngage is another multi-channel marketing platform that includes SMS and email notifications on their platform. However, this app is restricted to businesses that have a mobile or web app for their business. Consequently, this app also makes it possible to engage with customers over in-app notifications. WebEngage has a comprehensive Enterprise plan that makes features like A/B testing, white labeling and API available to users. This is an ideal tool if you are looking at SMS marketing as a complementary outreach effort to your in-app messages. 

3. CardboardFish

The prime focus of CardboardFish is its API infrastructure that allows businesses to integrate SMS into any of their existing products. However, you also have a simple web interface to send bulk SMS messages to your customer list quickly and efficiently. CardboardFish is a registered operator in 12 countries and its other features include verification, batch sending, dedicated phone numbers, Email2SMS and list manager. CardboardFish products do not need a monthly subscription fee and are priced based on the volume of messages sent. 

4. TellMyCell

If you do not want to get your dedicated number or shortcode on Hubbion to advertise keyword based list building, you can make use of TellMyCell instead. Here, you pick a unique keyword to advertise to your audience and users who message this keyword to the TellMyCell shortcode 88202 will be added to your list. The service costs $29/month which is a tad expensive if you don’t mind getting your own dedicated number on Hubbion instead.

5. CallFire

If you want to integrate your SMS marketing campaign with IVR based phone reception service or a virtual call center, then CallFire is an option you should look at. Their Pay as you Go text marketing service costs around 5 cents a message which is slightly higher than alternatives. But if you are a high volume sender, you may also pick their $99/month subscription plan instead.


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