5 ways to differentiate your mobile customer experience

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For companies of all sizes, the best way to reduce customer churn and improve the overall customer experience (CX) is by meeting and supporting customers where they’re always present – on their mobile devices.

When it comes to mobile customer service, today’s mobile apps are usually limited to e-commerce and self-service transactions. Even less enable simple in-app click-to-call functionality, which connects the customer to a company service personnel through the mobile device. If this connection does occur, the interaction is usually routed through the contact centre’s front door. The agent is immediately provided with little context about the customer’s mobile app interaction. Yet, consumers across all industries are demanding a higher level of mobile service sophistication, and companies must begin to recognise and address this need.

Distinguish Your Customer Service from Competitors

Nearly 70% of consumers state that a bad experience with a company causes a negative brand perception. However, by adding minor customer experience enhancements to existing channels, such as mobile, companies are better positioned to drive sales, address customer issues and improve overall brand loyalty. Luckily, there are several ways that companies can differentiate their mobile customer service programs and platforms.

Below are five ways to enhance customer experience through mobile in order to provide a journey that lowers customer effort while cutting operational costs.

1. Add mobile-assisted customer service to mobile apps to support e-commerce.

2. Implement direct-to-agent mobile call routing to accelerate mobile-based voice transactions as necessary.

3. Make mobile chat more effective with location and context awareness to save time and money and customer frustration.

4. Immediately have all channel interactions, including those occurring on mobile, be reflected in customer data records.

5. Provide proactive customer information delivered to smartphones to reduce unneeded customer inquiries.

To lead in the continuing race for delivering customer experience excellence, it is clear that companies must continue to embrace new, highly utilised interaction channels, while keeping pace with technology and customer sentiment. Certainly, by embracing mobile as a new frontier to better service customers, companies will be more equipped to address new customer demands and thus drive brand loyalty.

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