Twitter ignorance is not bliss! How social analytics can open up a customer blind spot

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The Twittersphere is a melting pot of opinions with 6,000 tweets being posted every second. Probability dictates some of these tweets will be about or aimed at your business. Refusing to engage customers on social media cuts off an entire customer service channel and a vast resource of consumer information. Social analytics can filter tweets and help you discover customer problems, trends and opportunities – all vital in improving that important customer experience. Here's how.

  • The big picture – setting alerts for keywords – Social analytics allows you to broaden the listing for the amount of Tweets you see. This means you will be able to see all tweets that mention your company or product brands, without the customer having to use your Twitter handle in the post. For example, a customer will not always put “@XYZ provide terrible customer service”, they might just put “XYZ provide terrible customer service” - social analytics allows you to see all these tweets.

  • Filter out the noise – Social analytics has the ability to sift out irrelevant tweets and will only show you relevant and actionable posts. As you action tweets, the analytics will 'learn' and be able to accurately detect which tweets are relevant and actionable. There is a lot of spam on Twitter, so having an analytics system that can sift through all of this spam to only show you relevant posts is important.

  • Listing topics and taking a deeper dive – Social analytics programmes will list all tweets based on a selected topic, and let you explore them further. So, for example if you just wanted to see tweets around your service, the programme will filter out service based tweets, such as “great service today at XYZ” or “Service at XYZ needs improving – terrible experience!” It will also expand the list into categories, such as poor or good service, so you can action them accordingly.

  • Show intention – One of the main social blind spots is not understanding the intention of the tweet. Social analytics can provide lists based on the intention of tweets so that, for example, if you want to find tweets of people looking for advice on how to use your website, a complaint, a question about your products/services or feedback, social analytics can do this for you.

Fine tune the process

While social analytics will work immediately, and will predict which tweets are actionable and relevant, it also comes with a built-in learning process. The analytics will show how many tweets you received that were actionable and how many not, but it also allows you to check through the tweets it has deemed actionable that you have ignored, and enable you to indicate to the system whether they are indeed actionable or not. The system can then learn and start to understand which tweets you deem relevant to your business, and present more accurate analytics.

Analytics removes the blinkers

Remember, it is seven times more expensive for a company to acquire a new customer than to retain one, yet companies are still spending more money on customer acquisition than customer service and retention. In this new digital age where Twitter is fast becoming the pulse of a company, and using social analytics will enable you to keep your finger on that pulse, dealing with customer blind spots, and helping customers as and when they need it and in the end, helping your business retain those valuable customers.

About Genesys

About Genesys

The evolution of the digital world has given more power to the customer – but also more touchpoints for organisations to reach out directly to them.


This blog will offer informative insight into just how organisations can take that extra step from offering good customer service to providing a great customer experience. Topics will include how to exploit the cloud to quickly add new customer touchpoints, easy tips on improving your contact centre operations and which channels are key for which services.


Regular contributions will be from key Genesys customer experience professionals. Genesys is the global multichannel customer experience and contact centre solution leader. Our solutions help companies engage effortlessly with their customers across all touchpoints, channels and interactions to deliver differentiated customer journeys, while maximising revenue and loyalty.

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