5 best principles to keep your customer happy

7th Jul 2017

“Be polite; speak diplomatically, even in a declaration of war one observes the rules of politeness”, said Otto von Bismarck, The Duke of Lauren (1 April 1815–30 July 1898).

The golden rule to keep your customers coming back for more for your product is to provide excellent customer service etiquette. Myriad organisations are selling and offering the same products or services as you do. But the ultimate way to influence customers is to use your brand critically. It depends on how you deal with their queries and preach your brand. Whether a gigantic organisation or a small business, the flow of authenticity, confidence and politeness in your call answering service will always set you apart and apparently give you the much needed edge over your opposition brands.

Happy customers are like the blue moon, you gain access to them once in a while that too when you got that hint of luck. But a good salesperson can assure the odds of selling anything and everything is in your favour. Call answering agents are the only connecting point for customers with the organisation and therefore they are the lead players of a company. Root and cause of growth and failure depends on these call operators. So, to establish a proficient tone when customer calls, calm the agitated clients and persuade customers to listen to the agent’s solution depends entirely on the customer service etiquette. 

This article has filtered out the five best principles to keep your customer happy throughout the conversation and avoid harsh tones when you are thrown into a pit of ranting loud clients.

  1. Responding politely

Speaking the right thing is not always enough, one must be trained to speak the right way. When a customer calls or picks up the call from your end, the first and foremost job of a call answering agent is to respond politely. Smile through the phone and this is the key here. Retain a cheerful demeanor throughout the conversation and keep a friendly tone. It is surely a hard job, especially when you are having a bad day, but it’s certainly possible. Despite your dreadful mood, respond politely because a professional never screams at his customer.

2. Retain professionalism

Retain professionalism while approaching your customers. Call associates of a call answering service provider will always maintain the aura of professionalism. Do not address your customers by their first name unless they insist you to do so; refer them as sir or madam.

3. Honesty is the best policy

Hyperbole practices are dangerous when it comes to campaigning your products. Lying or exaggerating about products and services will apparently let the customer down. Articulate only what is true at all times. If the situations are out of your authoritative jurisdiction, then transfer the call to a manager. Be honest and say only what is true about the organisation’s offerings.

4. Win-win game for the empathiser

When a customer is trying to speak to you, listen to them attentively and empathise with them. Listen to what they have to say and identify the issue with utmost care. Another practice that helps is to let them know that you been through a similar situation and understand their confusion. This will help the customer trust you regarding his dilemma and believe that you are going to help him/her with a fair resolution.

5. Don’t promise, prove

Vendors providing call answering service without being responsible to their clients lack competence. They keep their customers on hold and disappear. Accountability is the most vital element here and needs to be maintained at all times. If you promised the customer to transfer his/her call to the manager for further assistance, stay on the line until the manager has picked up the telephone. Address the issue to the customer if you take a longer time to process the queries. Being absent is not the solution to resolve customer’s problem.

Treating your customers in the right way will definitely accelerate your business strategy because “a little politeness goes far beyond the realm of humanity and yet costs you nothing,” said Samuel Smiles.

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