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A Complete Look at Multilingual Contact Centers

29th Jun 2021
Business Development Manager at Winbizsolutions Winbizsolutions
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The article is all about Inbound and Outbound call center services. But, a small recap of the call center basics can help you understand things better.

What is a call center?

At a basic level, it is an office that handles business calls. Its main goal is to provide customers with the best call support services.

Types of call centers: An overview

These call centers fall into three categories depending on the type of services that they deliver:

  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Virtual

Inbound call center

Here, the center appoints trained employees who receive the customer calls. They either provide instructions or help with any service or product. If you need a replacement for an online product, you can contact the customer service number. Here, the call center receives your call. So, it is clear that you make a call, and they react to it.

Their main goal of inbound services is to provide answers to customer queries in a timely manner. The call-count may vary per day.

Outbound call center

Here, the appointed agents make calls to prospective and existing customers. The outbound services include responsibilities for sales, lead generation, product promotions, and customer survey. You receive a telemarketing call on your mobile and an agent makes the call to sell you a credit card.

Virtual call center

The model makes use of the advanced features available in inbound and outbound services. It is an anywhere-anytime-accessible work model that does not need much investment.

The above three types are further divided into domestic and international support.

Classification based on demographics


When the customers served by you are from the same country, you are providing domestic call center support. For example, when a center operates from Dubai, the agent will receive/make calls to people living only in Dubai. The support is provided only in the native language(s).


In this sector, you receive/make calls to people across the globe. The agent should be able to provide support not only in English but also in the customers’ languages. Hence, this can also be referred to as a multilingual outbound or inbound customer contact center.

Classification based on ownership


When a business has its own call center, then it is an in-house call center. The entire operations right from the office space, software, and maintenance are company-owned.


It is the best cost-effective option that many businesses prefer. They don’t have to spend on hirings, training, infrastructure, and office spaces. Most of the call centers in Asian countries fall into this category.

We are now familiar with the types of centers. So, it is time to look into the services provided by the multilingual contact centers.

Significance of outbound multilingual contact center

Any business needs customers, and to get your services/products to reach your target audience, you need marketing. The agents can target the right customers, which would help you to earn leads. When support is rendered in multiple languages, you can reach more customers than you expect.

So, what makes multilingual outbound services so unique? They offer multi-language support that can make your business reach the success notch.

Lead Generation

When you win customers’ hearts with your products or services, it boosts your ROI. These centers do the same thing for you. They target and advertise to the prospects who are more likely to turn into your customers.

The agents use emails, marketing calls, and other digital media to generate sales. Multi-language support in marketing initiatives opens up more opportunities for sales.


It is a one-to-one marketing approach. The process goes like this,

  • First, the agent calls the new or old customers and start a conversation.
  • While speaking, they build a friendly rapport and check their needs and interest levels.
  • Now, the agent talks to them in their language about the benefits of the products or services. When they respond with keen interest, the agents can turn them into your customers.

Agents speaking in multiple languages are the main assets of a multilingual contact center.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSAT)

Businesses that don’t own any survey tool are more likely to choose this type of outbound service. The agent calls the customers and asks them to rate the services or products of the company.

Appointment Schedule

The agents schedule appointments with customers instead of your sales team. They manage your appointments strategically so that you don’t miss out on any.

Market Research

Many businesses conduct market research to know about consumer behavior. It helps them to make improvements and meet customer expectations. These time-consuming processes are handled by outbound call centers.

Significance of inbound multilingual contact center

Customers want quick, precise responses and solutions. Many organizations find it challenging to meet these types of customer demands. Hence, they outsource their processes to reliable inbound call center services.

They offer services for customer support, tech support, help desk, or inbound sales. It helps the businesses to win back the customers who were initially dissatisfied.

Customer Service

This zone of BPO needs proficient people who can deal with the complex processes of any business. They should be flexible, enduring, optimistic, knowledgeable, and have strong organizational skills. These qualities shape them into a person who can deliver excellent customer service.

Here, the agents with multi-language skills provide excellent customer services to various people.

Tech support/Technical help desk

As the name suggests, they answer technical queries and help you fix them immediately. When the internet is slow or when viruses slow down your system, they help you with their expertise.Whenever they receive a technical query, they provide a real-time and immediate solution.The desk operates and provides services 24/7.

In a multilingual call center, the agents offer technical solutions for global customers. Hence, it is an ideal choice for companies that have clients located around the world.

Payment and order processing

Many call centers handle inbound sales and perform activities such as accepting orders and payments. The agents even fix payment issues. Sometimes, the businesses might not have the resources for payment and order processing. So, they outsource to a reliable service provider. They get added benefit if the service is delivered by a multilingual support center.

Benefits provided by multilingual contact centers

  1. Positive customer experience

When customers speak with the agents in their native language, they feel comfortable. This is likely to produce a positive experience and response. The experience makes them give a word-of-mouth recommendation to their close community.

  2. Increased brand loyalty

Customer retention is vital for any business. You sell a great product, and the customer buys it and leave. But is that enough? No. You strive to make a one-time buyer turn into a repeat buyer. It is what multilingual customer support does for your business.

The gesture of them coming back to you implies that they have become a loyal customer. It is one of the best call center solutions to date.

3. Build trust

Can you build trust with a non-English speaker by speaking in English? Well, the straightforward answer is NO. When the conversation is in the native language, you can easily build trust. So, when an agent from a multilingual customer support center does the same thing, he/she can build trust.

Thus, we have discussed how reputed multilingual call center services can help your business grow beyond border and language barriers. When you offer the best customer service, it builds business-customer emotional connections that will last long.


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