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Tips to offer bilingual call centre experience

15th Nov 2020
Business Development Manager at Winbizsolutions Winbizsolutions
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There is no denying that English is a global language for business. A significant number of people use this language to carry out business communications. However, if you are a company offering BPO solutions, then you also need to take other languages into consideration. While English can be your main language of communication, you need to offer your call center services in other languages as well to win the heart of a global audience. To learn the importance of bilingual services and offer a positive bilingual call center experience to your customers, keep reading the post.

Importance of Bilingual Call Center Services

Call center services are vital to the success of every organization. The main aim is to build an efficient call center team for serving the needs of your customers. Imagine how more beneficial it will be if you are able to serve them in their native tongue.

The results will be exceptional and will help your company to grow and survive in the highly competitive marketplace. Now, let us discuss the various benefits a bilingual call center can offer to an organization.

  • Helps in expanding business. Employing bilingual call centers will help in expanding your business by enabling you to reach a global audience. Regardless of where your customers are, you can reach them and resolve their issues. If you are only offering services in English, you may miss out on many loyal customers.
  • Improves customer satisfaction. All customers won’t be comfortable discussing their issues in English. Thus, by offering assistance in their native tongue, you can eliminate discomfort or even save yourself from miscommunication. Customers feel more appreciated if they are able to talk in their first language.
  • Not including will be a set back now. Since more businesses are already employing bilingual customer care service, not offering it will be a disadvantage to your company. So, make sure to use it if you wish to provide the best-in-class service to your customers and increase their comfort level with your brand.

Tips for Providing a Positive Bilingual Call Center Experience

One of the main reasons why call centers fail is because they are unable to provide a positive experience to the customers. It is highly essential for every company to assure that their customers are happy and satisfied with their services. In that case, they need to be very careful when it comes to telecalling or call answering for handling different situations like everyday communication, sales inquiries, customer complaints, etc.

A few practical tips for telecalling and call answering to keep in mind are pulling up a different communication style for every customer, speaking with empathy and confidence, not leaving them waiting for long, starting with introducing themselves as well as the business, being formal, etc.  

  1. Do not rely on translation

Sometimes, businesses may completely rely on translation services to operate their bilingual call centers. It might be helpful to the company at some point but won’t work every time. For example, let’s say you have a customer on the phone speaking Spanish. If they ask for help, it won’t be feasible to call your translation service provider and ask them to act as a translator between both.  

Instead, you can hire bilingual call center agents who are fluent in Spanish and handle the incoming calls. It will enable you to offer the needed support to your customers and improve their experience with your company.

  1. Send messages in customer’s native language

Call centers usually send all types of messages to customers in English. Well, we are not trying to say that you should not be sending messages in English at all. But, we do think that if you also send the messages in their native language, it will improve their experience. After all, communicating in their own language will be more comfortable.

Apart from this, we also advise you to keep a language translating tool like Google Translate. It might not come in handy with calls but can help when it comes to messaging. However, get it checked by your bilingual call center representative before sending it to your callers.

  1. Hire a Spanish speaking staff

The reason why businesses opt for bilingual call center services is mainly to reach new audience. There is also a high probability that your Spanish speaking callers will try to reach you every now and then. In that case, they would like to speak to someone who can communicate in their own language. So, by having a Spanish speaking staff in-house, you can offer help with the following tasks.

  • Handle tasks on-call: In-house staff will be able to handle urgent calls of both English and non-English speakers. It can help in overcoming the communication gap and provide instant help whenever the situation demands.
  • Translate your messages: Even though you can use translators or a translation tool for the task, chances are the messages might be misconstrued. This would annoy your customers, let alone improve their experience. But, employing a bilingual call center staff can avoid this.
  • Contact back your customers: If you can help your customers at the time of need, they will become loyal to your brand and services. Thus, with the help of in-house bilingual staff, you can follow up with your customers, and it is also likely that they will respond.
  1. Mange the hold times

Businesses tend to employ more English speaking agents than bilingual representatives. So, it might be possible that whenever a non-English speaker contacts you, there will be hold times. However, if the hold times keep increasing or if the customers have to experience it every time they are trying to reach you, then it can be really frustrating. To effectively manage this type of situations, here are some tips:

  • Greet your customers: Greet your callers as well as announce the company name so that they feel good and well-attended.
  • Include hold music: Include an upbeat music when your callers are put on hold. However, do not play the same music over and over again as it will be annoying. Try including a fun playlist if possible.
  • Provide an estimated wait time: It is evident that if callers get to know in advance how long they have to wait, there are fewer chances of hanging up the call. So, give them a time estimate whether they have to wait for 2 or 5 minutes and let them decide if they want to wait or call back after some time.
  1. Handle the wrong options

The bilingual call centers usually have an automated system that enables the caller to choose their language of choice. For instance, the system might ask them to press 1 for English, press 2 for Spanish, and so on. So, when a caller presses the desired button, it transfers the call to the appropriate operator.

Sometimes, it may also happen that the caller presses the wrong button. In that case, instead of forcing them to disconnect the call and call back again, you can provide them with a better option to improve. Use a system that will allow them to change their choice and then transfer them to the desired operator.

  1. Offer in-language resources

Contact centers often employ a list of phrases and terminologies while conversing with the callers. It is mainly practiced to promote consistency and ensure that the agents do not use wrong words that can make a customer angry, embarrassed, or frustrated. It won’t do any help to the organization since the customer might cancel their service.

To make sure you do not have to face this situation, you can employ in-language resources to help agents use the right words that will show empathy to the customers. They also need to learn how to correctly explain the processes and concepts of the services to the callers. It will enable them to serve the customer well and win their trust.

  1. Ensure ongoing quality monitoring

Make sure that your bilingual call center agents undergo call monitoring from time to time. Ensure that they stick to employ the best practices that will be in favor of the organization. A few tips that can help you determine the quality of your non-English agents are:

  • Hire a separate bilingual quality monitoring staff: You can employ this trick if your organization consists of only a few agents. However, if the number of agents increases, it will be quite difficult to monitor.
  • Survey the customer's satisfaction: You can approach the customers who were assisted by your bilingual call center staff and ask them to review. If they are satisfied, they can provide a good review and vice-versa.
  • Promote the bilingual agents: If your call center agents have performed well, then appreciate them by offering a promotion. Your quality management team can decide if they were successful in proving themselves or not.

Creating a positive bilingual call center experience for your customers can be a bit tough, but it is not impossible. As long as you are willing to identify the root cause of your issues and eradicate them, it is possible to achieve success in this domain. However, always remember that improvement cannot be short term. You will always have to keep learning and improving to grow your business. If you need help with bilingual call center services, then outsource your requirements to WinBizSolutionsIndia. We are also a reputed name in the domain and are equipped with the best resources to offer you the desired assistance. Learn how we can help by contacting us!

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