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Take your website to the shrink

23rd May 2016
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In this lastest Guest Blog, Audelia Boker from Glassbox Digital suggests we take our websites and mobile apps to the shrink to improve their wellbeing, as well as our experiences as consumers.

As a Marketing Executive with extensive experience in building brand propositions, I often need to answer questions such as “What are your brand values”, “What is your brand personality”. Just as if the brands were human beings.

Today, a lot of businesses live online. Therefore, their digital channels are what the world sees and interacts with.

Website and mobile apps create relationships with their audience, emotional attachment, co-dependency, sometime even addictions. And just like for human beings, the pace they’re living in is a difficult one to cope with.

Digital channels need to interact with the masses, but still provide a personalised experience. They’re here to stay, are becoming mobile and must be able to adapt and change in real-time, depending on myriads of parameters.

No wonder they sometimes look a bit schizophrenic and disconnected from reality!

This leads me to think, it’s high time we took our websites and mobile apps to the shrink! Seriously… What we might find out can only improve their wellbeing, as well as our experiences as consumers.

What if you could actually record each and every interaction you’ve had during a period of time with a certain person – let’s say your best friend – and then replay it, pause it whenever you wish to, analyse every bit and piece of it, have a think about it, share it with your partner to get her view on it, and change your reactions?

You’d most probably learn a lot. You’d avoid a lot of misunderstandings and mistakes too… You would perhaps identify behavioural patterns, sensitive topics that trigger extreme reactions, areas you neglect because they’re too complex to handle, blind spots you’ve never thought about just because you were not putting yourself in your best friend’s shoes, and so much more…

Well, for digital channels, it’s exactly the same.

The technology is here today that enables organisations to record, replay and analyse each and every digital session your customers have on your website or mobile app. You can actually visualise and analyse trends as well as single sessions in a click of a button.

You can also share your insights with the relevant stakeholders, either by exporting the meta-data you’ve captured, or by providing visual access to the actual sessions.

So your company can react immediately, with the next best action.

The results for your digital channels? An enhanced version of themselves! Better performing, more understanding, bypassing frustrating requirements, shortcutting useless questions, embracing change.
In short, providing sleeker customer experiences and driving more revenues to your organisation.


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