Who are the 'real CX influencers'?

3rd Aug 2021
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Who are the 'Real CX Influencers'?
Dr. Graham Hill

I need your help...

I am trying to create a simple CX Influencer Index that anyone can use to assess which of the seemingly hundreds of CX influencers have the required credentials - a combination of hands-on experience operating CX, combined with visionary thought leadership - to be considered a 'Real CX Influencer'. 

I see many lists of CX influencers, but they all seem to be based more on the volume of content the influencers generate, rather than on the quality of the insight it contains, or on the usefulness of the insights. And if you look at the LinkedIn profiles of the influencers, you often find that the volume of content is inversely related to their hands-on experience operating CX in the real world. It is one thing to write syndicated articles for a business magazine like Forbes, it is something entirely different to have designed, delivered and operated CX for a large corporation.

We must be able to do better than that.

I would like to know what factors you would use to create a CX Influencer Index and how would you weight each of the factors?

Please post your thoughts about the factors and their weighting as comments. 


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