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ICT skills are vital for customer services teams

30th Nov 2016
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Computer skills are becoming essential for customer service teams

From using social media and other digital forms to engage with customers, to utilising computer software to generate and track staff rotas, customer service teams are increasingly relying on ICT to conduct business. CMS Vocational Training, specialists in providing government funded and commercial training programmes for people of all ages throughout Yorkshire, look at why ICT skills are an important asset for customer service teams.

Social media and customer service

Social media is increasingly being used as a powerful tool for companies to generate quality service and care to their customers. In fact, research shows that consumers regularly use social media channels to ask questions about products and services, report satisfaction, and to make complaints. Furthermore, a growing number of consumers prefer to adapt ‘social customer care’ rather than using the phone to contact a customer service department.

Social media represents both opportunities and challenges for businesses of all sizes and sectors. It is becoming increasingly important that customer service teams are social media trained to be able to effectively utilise and keep up with the demand for ‘social care’ and using social media as a  way of communicating with customers.

Leveraging information about customers through technology

Technology has become an invaluable tool in leveraging information about customers, which can then be used to a company’s competitive advantage. By collecting data through technology, businesses have greater and more accurate insight into patterns, trends and relations about their customers and potential customers. Businesses can use data to extract useful insights about consumers’ behaviours and preferences. This can generate stronger customer loyalty via enhanced customer interactions. Through the ability to forecast customer behaviour and with improved customer insights, leveraging information through technology and data, enables businesses to sell products and services effectively and remain more competitive.

Organising customer service teams with technology

From staff rotas to daily tasks, holidays to overtime, customer service teams can be complex to manage. Modern technology, such team management software, enables customer service managers and teams to carry out day to day duties and manage customer service departments with greater efficiency and clarity. Using project management software can help customer service managers delegate tasks, manage rotas and prioritise actions, to ensure nothing gets missed and the department runs more smoothly and efficiently.  

How ICT skills can help you secure a customer service job/be promoted within a customer service department

Given how customer services and technology are becoming increasingly intertwined, those wanting to work in customer services or are already working within a customer service capacity and have ICT skills, are at a distinct advantage to get their ‘foot in the door’ or get promoted.

In fact, after Maths and English, ICT qualifications could be considered as one of the most important credentials an employee can offer an employer. This is particularly true within the customer service sector, which is becoming progressively more reliant on ICT to conduct businesses and be more competitive.

As CMS VOC wrote in a blog about how ICT skills can help you get a job:

“Having even a basic understanding of ICT – Information and Communications Technology – can open up a lot more opportunities in the workplace, whether you’re working in a shop, an office or elsewhere in industry.”

With call centres and customer care desks becoming more and more technologically orientated, ICT skills and customer services now go hand in hand. For those looking to secure a job in customer services or be promoted within a customer service department, undergoing ICT training and getting qualified in computing and technology, is a string to the bow that simply shouldn’t be ignored.

This blog post was written by Hadyn Luke, Director of CMS Vocational Training (CMSVOC). CMSVOC offers a vast range of courses and training programmes across diverse sectors. CMSVOC is committed to helping people of all ages, backgrounds and industries, find the right course and training programme so they can progress in their chosen career or embark on a new career. CMSVOC’s professional and talented staff have specialist knowledge in a wide range of industries and work with learners to help them achieve their career dreams.

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