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Smooth operator: a guide to your perfect customer service worker

13th Jul 2015
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The customer services role is an easy one to fill, isn’t it? It should be a low-cost hire and not one that’s worth investing much time, effort and money on, right? Well, the reality is totally different. Often, your customer services team is the main voice and the human face of your company. You want to be proud of the impression they give. So, what makes a terrific customer service worker?

1. Cheerful

Undoubtedly, your perfect customer services workers need a sunny disposition. No matter how effective they are at solving customer issues, if they have a sour disposition, it will inevitably be a poor experience for the customer. And the reverse is true. Positive, cheerful customer service workers can delight your customers, even if they are unfamiliar with their particular issues.

2. Curious

An under-rated quality that marks out a fabulous customer service person is a high degree of curiosity. The reason for this is that s/he will be keen to really understand what the issue is for the customer and will want to find the best solution, not just the first one.

3. Organised

There can be a lot of plate-spinning going on in Customer Services. There could be multiple client queries coming at the same time, each one deserving a quality response. So, a strong and organised approach is required. The ability to prioritise and keep all parties updated will ensure that disasters are averted and customers’ issues aren’t lost.

4. Clear

There is very little that will lead to customer frustration more quickly than a lack of clarity. If a customer doesn’t feel understood, or can’t understand your customer services person, the experience will be deeply unsatisfactory. Your customer services person needs to be able to ask clear questions and give unambiguous verbal and written responses.

5. Resilient

The very best companies and the very best customer services people still, on occasion, face very difficult or unreasonable customers. On these occasions, the customer services person needs to be able to remain calm, behave professionally and not react inappropriately (however tempting!). If this is a relatively frequent occurrence, resilience is an even more important quality required to survive and flourish in the role.

6. Determination

Often, problems are difficult to solve and customers are hard to win round again. A customer services worker with strong determination, though, will ensure that a positive resolution is always reached.

7. Well-equipped

As critical as the above qualities, though, are your responsibilities as an employer. Unless you equip your customer services people properly, they will be unable to do a good job. There are two broad ways that you need to equip the team:

• training: you need to make sure that your people have all the knowledge and understanding to be able to resolve customer issues effectively, and
• equipment: you also need to provide them with the right equipment. If their PC is slow, their response to customers will also be slow.

If your customer services team isn’t quite up to scratch, it might be the time to have a critical look at their skills. After all, customer services people are at the fore-front of your operation, dealing constantly with your customers. And, if you’re customers aren’t being looked after, then there’s a real danger that someone else’s customer services team will!

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