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Podium places for CX World Games: Challenge 3

22nd Jun 2020
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The Customer Experience World Games competition is hotting up, with new teams on the podium for Game 3.

The CX World Games consists of 6 teams made up of 160 talented CX practitioners from across the globe competing virtually in teams to solve challenges for organisations who are looking to improve experiences for their customers, employees, communities, and society in general and need our help because of the crisis.

If you haven’t heard about the Customer Experience World Games, then you can read more about it in my initial CX World Games blog post.

In the third of our 5 challenges, teams were asked to come up with ideas to support an independent retailer change their customer experience within the scope of the new COVID security regulations, whilst continuing to be true to the ethos of the original business – a cat café!

The winning team was The Punks, captained by Adrian Swinscoe, came up with a strategy which was imaginative and practical, with some ideas that were both community-focused and also appealed to a wider, online audience.

The CX Hedonists led by Heidi Stone and Ambassadors, led by Jonathan Daniels achieved podium places.

CX World Games Leaderboard

Zoltan Kalmar, team player in the Hedonists Team, who achieve their first podium finish in Challenge 3 said:

“Challenge 3 was a lot of fun and it we were all ready to tackle it. Every player who took part in this challenge from the Hedonists got extremely involved – it’s as if it was our own little “quirky” café from around the corner we visit on a regular basis and have an extremely strong connection with it.

This just goes to show how much a group of people can achieve if they “put their heads together” and focus on a common goal in a field they are all passionate about – customer and in this case the owner’s experience, as well as cats! :-)

For me personally, the games are a great way to learn from CX specialists from all over the world. We are a very diverse group in terms of skills, and there is something to learn from each and every one of us.

But in the end, I think what makes the games so great and unique, is that you actually get to see a change. And to know, that the decisions you bring, and the ideas you have and write down in the final proposal, will have a positive impact on someone else’s life or business, is an amazing reward.

I am thankful for an opportunity to be a part of this year’s games, and I am proud of not just the CX Hedonists for working so hard on the challenges, but all of the players participating and wanting to make a change in these difficult times.”

Captain of the winning team, and author of Punk CX, Adrian Swinscoe, had the following to say about the games:

“The range of challenges that the games have presented to the teams has been really impressive. But, on the flip side it also shows the range of people and organisations that have been adversely by the pandemic. However, the thing that has impressed me the most is how not just my team, but all of the teams have come together and how they have responded to each challenge with such energy, enthusiasm, creativity, insight and practicality. The players are stars and we should celebrate them.”

Chris Byrom, CX Consultant and Games Judge said:

"Being part of the CX World Games and having the opportunity to see the innovative and exciting ideas being put forward by the teams to help individuals and businesses navigate the plethora of challenges thrown at them by COVID-19 has been a real privilege.

Whether it was from the first challenge where fund-raising efforts to secure funding for Dylan, a sick little boy requiring treatment for his cancer, had been compromised by social distancing, through to coming up with ideas as to how a technology company can best help keep children safe, physically and emotionally as they transition back to school, to the latest challenge focused on helping a Cat Cafe survive lockdown for the benefit of its community, customers, and, of course the cats, the best CX brains in the world have combined to provide help and inputs to suggest approaches that will help to ensure success is achieved.

I know I'm reflecting on how all the judges feel when I say how much of a pleasure it's been to be a part of the CX World Games and how grateful we all are for the time, effort, ideas and focus we've seen from all the individuals and teams that are taking part"

It’s not too late to take part, if you’d like to be part of the final challenge of the games which starts on Monday 22nd June, sign up here.

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