6 testing tools for mobile app development

7th Sep 2016

Since the rise in the demand for mobile apps, the information and technology industry is experiencing path breaking innovation in creating mobile app with brilliant features and resources for development. So many tools and plugins are available for mobile app developers today.

Mobile App Development is still exploring the possibilities of offering the best of user experiences. Under this wave, mobile app developers are striving to create error-free mobile apps that offer user friendly experiences to users and customers.

The mobile app development companies across the globe are constantly working towards building better mobile user experiences to attract more users to the mobile platforms. For this reason, they need to ensure that the testing and the solving of bugs is done with the help of various stages. There are so many testing tools available for mobile app developers to ensure that their mobile apps are full proof.

Mobile Apps Development Experts

Here, we have curated the best of mobile app testing tools that come handy when you are building mobile applications that are bug free, robust and rich.



If you wish to automate any hybrid or native mobile app on Android & iOS platform, then you can choose Appium – open source testing tools. The hybrid applications need a control system that allows for efficient interaction with its content on the web and this tools suffices this need. It is based on the idea that applications don’t need recompilation.


Frank is exclusively created for iOS applications. It is helpful to automate the applications made with iOS enabling end users document testing documents. Frank testing tool comes with helpful app inspector called Symbiote. It helps the user to receive detailed data while the application is live and running.

UI Automator

It is a testing tool that enables UI Automator to perform UI interaction tests in an efficient manner. It creates an automated functional UI test that is made to run the application on multiple devices. It is an API that comes with UI Automator there are so many things in the overall understanding.


It helps in automation of process where testing of Android applications is becoming necessary for complete control over hybrid and native applications. This testing tool makes it easier for users to document useful and rigid automatic black box UI tests for Android mobile applications.


It is popular for building iOS application as a framework for testing. KIF enhances accessibility for those who are visually challenged. It performs the testing by use of XCTest testing method.


It is an open source automation tool for two major platforms Android and iOS. It is very simple to use tool with incredible power. Web development experts can automate real, functional interactive tests for iOS, Android, Web/ HTML5, Hybrid applications. It is a very flexible and easy to use tool that proves useful for the process of testing. It is a functional testing tool which is available for free with two primary components: Monkey Talk IDE and Monkey Talk A1gents.

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