Create a Balance of User Experience & Customer Experience

24th Aug 2016

Most of the companies working with the intricate ideas of usual life experiences will elaborate on various aspects of users. The process of customer experience depends on the user experience of the website and also the experience of the customer. It has been found that the designers are able to satisfy the users and not the customers according to few studies performed. Moreover, there is a need to understand the customers and successfully meet their needs.

Difference between User Experience & Customer Experience

User Experience

The UX is the overall experience of a person using a product on the web i.e. a website or computer application. It focuses on factors of convenience for users. It includes aspects like usability, information, architecture, legibility, navigation, visual hierarchy that culminate in creation of UX – user experience.

Customer Experience

Generally, we all understand user experience as the experience created for the customers. But in the eCommerce development industry, eCommerce development experts refer to customer experience as the interaction and engagement perspective. The customer experience considers the overall experience which may be offline or online i.e. between the organization and the customer. Customer experience finally results in building of customer relationship. It includes advertising, advocacy, awareness, education and quality analysis as a part of the service to the customers.

Factors Affecting the User Experiences

  • Advertising
  • Brand Image & Public Relations
  • Delivery Systems
  • Customer Services
  • Pricing & Market Trends

Feedback from Customers

As a customer, they need to be able to easily to comment. It should not be a tedious process. There feedbacks are valuable. They should be addressed as soon as possible. If there are negative feedbacks, they must also be addressed.

Mixing Communication Channels

Take a combination of all the channels that you are using to reach out your customers. Recognize the benefits of those channels and their services, and prepare a strategy accordingly. You need to ensure that the services provided are thoroughly checked and reviewed; as if the service is not good then it will directly affect your brand.

Using Feedback

You customer may not be directly involved in the planning of what you are going to offer them, but the improvement can be made from the feedbacks by your customers. This way you can develop a solution that is a good combination of user experience and customer experience. Your design team or team of web development experts can choose doing surveys or conduct user experience tests to achieve desired results.

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