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Five reasons customers hate using your website

9th Aug 2016
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You are quite aware of the fact that how important it is to have a business website and certainly you might just have jumped on the popular eCommerce bandwagon quite a long ago. But of today, there are chances that your website has dropped the traffic ratio and your conversion rate is below expectations.  As we say that ‘change is the only thing constant’, web is something that always keeps on changing, well this quite the arguable nature of web and if your website is adapting the policy of changing, you are likely to get hit by increasingly lower traffic.

Website Development Experts

In this article we will cover some handful of aspects of website problems that might be simply driving your customers away.

Slower Loading Times

Well, we are half past 2016 and the connection speeds are increasing every day and there are many online consumers who are well used to getting the web content they desire at a simple click of a button. Statistics suggest that 40% of users will drive away from a website if it takes more than four seconds to load. It is necessary for your website to fast enough to easily cater the fasted available connections, or else your potential customers will get nothing but frustrated and certainly lose interest and they might opt for different websites or your competitor’s website who are much faster than you. Web development experts and IT professionals recommend methods to optimize the speed of the website.

Being Mobile Friendly

We cannot deny the fact that we are part of an increasingly mobile society; Reports suggest that more than 60% of the internet usage comes through smart phones or tablets. Sites that aren’t well optimized and fail to be mobile friendly, happen to face drop in traffic and also valuable sales.

It is important to have all the necessary elements gathered properly and translate your web pages in mobile friendly format. It is important to have only those widgets that will display the content of your website properly on the small screen devices. The website development specialists provided me with expert opinion and also helped in testing and support post the development.

Avoid Unnecessary Pop-ups

Less is almost more when it comes to the design of your website. Well, you might be quite tempted to fill up your pages with some interactive designs and also with some eye- catchy media; there are high chances of your visitors getting really annoyed by constant motion as well as the sound.

Statistics suggest that more than 95% of the internet users aren’t fond of pop-ups and get easily annoyed by them. Auto play video and sound are certainly amongst the top hated features of all time. The preference for the design changes quite rapidly in this digital age, so it is better to test well before implementing anything and everything.

The Price Factor

It is more than necessary for you to make sure that a customer knows about the cost of a product, if you fail to do that, they’ll never navigate to the payment page. The first and the foremost priority for your business should be providing your customers an accurate information regarding the prices. Do not put any hidden costs that the customer isn’t aware of; it won’t do any good to your business.  Do make sure that the prices your customers see should be the exact price with no hidden costs incurred.

The Customer Service

Well, surely not every customer wants or certainly needs to simply interact with the customer service but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t suppose to exists. Contact information, including the feedback forms, email, and phone numbers should be quite easily accessible from each and every web page. There are many customers who look for contact info at the very bottom of the every page, and thus it becomes important for you to meet their expectations.

Silent customer service is nothing but a drawback.  Every feedback should be responded as soon as possible. The more you delay the more business you will lose.

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