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How To Become A Better Front-end Developer

25th Jul 2016
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Now, to become a better front-end developer, you need to be perfect in what you do. This article will help you with all the necessary things that you need to keep in your mind to become a better front-end Developer. Below are the tips for you to understand and make the best out of them to be a better front-end developer:

Appreciating the Designs

Well, the first and the foremost thing you need to appreciate a good design. The ratio at which design translates in the browsers is 1:1. There are times where you lack designs, especially the responsive versions.

Now, as front-end developers there are likeable chances of you making a lot of minor design decisions for your assigned designer. Importantly, learn what really makes a design good which in result will help your designer to achieve the best.

Keep the Desk Clean

Well, if you want to begin with clean coding, it is important to clean your desk first. If your environment is on a messier side that could possible affect your mind set as well, this would eventually affect your code as well. So, make your desk shine and then work on your coding style.

The Problems Are Yours to Handle

Overlooking your problems won’t do any good to you. Do not live on a hope where your clients would notice your problems. No doubt they will and if they won’t then surely the customers will notice. If you foresee a problem it is better to discuss it with your clients at the first place. This will put a good impression of yours in the eyes of your clients and they would be definitely pleased by your approach.

Do not neglect Quality Assurance

You as a developer know that Quality Assurance (QA) isn’t the most exciting part of your work, but to be an amazing developer it is important not to neglect it. More importantly, quality isn’t created during the QA process you carry out, it is rather created at the development stage itself.

There are developers who work on Macs or Windows. The issue that persists is not checking their work on the other platform that also needs equal attention. Keep your users in mind as they are likely to use any of the major platforms.

The Programming Principles

It is important for you to understand the programming principles like, Try and keep it short and simple or say, Try not to repeat yourself.

So, how would make your development more Powerful and Booming?

By powerful means, how you can simplify as well as shorten the required development time by reusing the existing code and the knowledge at hand.

Booming here means it should be prone to the errors and very much easy to collaborate.

Time is Money

Time is the most valuable asset and you need to make the best use of it. It is important to measure the time you have spent on a certain task and make sure how much time would such similar task take in the future. Website Development Experts would provide you with guidelines that will help you complete your tasks in the given time. This shall help you with two important things:

It will help you create the estimates for your projects

It will also help you deliver your work well on time

Avoid Blame Game

While you are working with your clients and other developers, you are likely to mistakes which you wish you didn’t make. But taking these mistakes as an opportunity will help you with your skills and improve your communication level.


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