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5 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement

15th Jun 2015
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One of the keys to success is developing a team to handle customer requests that loves exceeding your client’s expectations. Creating a loyalty program rewards your most frequent shoppers, while relaxed return policies give customers a sense of trust in your product or service. “The customer is always right.”

A Happy, Engaged Customer Support Team = A Happy, Engaged Customer

Are you ready to maximize profits and minimize customer disappoints? Take advantage of the benefits accrued to your brand when you recruit, train and maintain a team of customer service ninjas. Where do you find these customer service ninjas? Why, the competition, of course! Not only can you find a pool of applicants with the experience necessary to wow your customers, but they have some inside knowledge into the playbook of your competition. Sure, they might have some bad habits to unlearn, and they may be a little bit more expensive, but the benefits of hiring experienced, motivated team members is well worth the cost.

Your customers, when calling into your call center, are already annoyed with the situation that has caused them to have to pick up the phone and dial customer service. Don’t pile on by letting them talk to people who aren’t ecstatic to hear the sound of their voice on the other end of the phone. To help make this goal a reality, here are some quick action steps that have proven to work in the past:

1.      Smile: Believe it or not, customers can actually hear a person’s smile in the timber and range of their voice.

2.      Train: Any day spent in the office where your team fails to learn something new, is a day misspent. Budget time daily for your employees to learn about new aspects of the products and services they’ve been hired to support.

3.      Utilize Efficient Software: You’d be amazed at how many call centers use programs on their computers that make the process of handling customer issues more difficult, rather than simpler. Make things easy on your team so they can dedicate more of their brain to the customer requiring their assistance; instead of pesky problems on a computer screen.

4.      Comfort is King: Are your associates comfortable at their desks? Invest in ergonomic chairs and well lit office space. A comfortable rep is a happy rep. Remember what we said earlier: a happy rep = a happy customer!

5.      Incentive Programs: Offer employees the opportunity to earn prizes and awards. Not only does this recognize their hard work, but it gives underperforming employees a tangible reward to shoot for.

So what does it look like when you transform your customer service center into an employee-friendly customer excitement center? Well, the week might start with a fun, engaging tutorial on a new product or feature your company is getting ready to launch. Because of the ergonomic keyboards, chairs and office lighting, your employees aren’t injured on the job as often. Productivity goes up and health insurance premiums go down. Then, at the end of the week, you can take some of your power hitters out for a drink at one of the best rooftop bars in NYC

Where will your journey on the path towards customer service excellence take you?



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