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Top Five Tips for Customer Engagement

28th Oct 2015
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Your business can only thrive on the recognition you earn from customers who appreciate your business. Not for the goods you offer, but for the service you give them!

Good customer services often become one of the most cherished memories for a consumer, even more than the happiness of the product bought. Most sellers tend to overlook this, which has a very big impact on the overall customer experience and sooner or later, on your business branding.

1. Recognise your customers

One of the most wonderful experiences that one can have is walking into a shop and be referred to by your own name. This is an important and treasured aspect that improves your buyers shopping experience greatly.

How do you do that? It's pretty simple. When your customers give away their information, name, addresses and card details, store them away over a database or record book. There are lots of software in the market today which can help you store your shoppers details. So, when you have a customer, you can look up in the record book and refer to them by their name.

2. Attention to Details

Having an eye for details will surely add a feather to the hat of your business.

If you have an online store that has an area where your shoppers can feed during their birthday, you can display a pop up message, or even a phone call if they want to shop on that day.

3. Personalise and Customise

Do you sometimes prefer to shop at a local store over a well-known showroom simply because the seller recognizes your preferences?

Having a sense of belonging at a sales shop is a difficult feeling for many customers to get. If you succeed in doing it, you’ll surely excel in building customer relationships.

4. Show that you care

Respect your customers and they will respect your business. Make sure that your customers find you and your staff considerate to their needs.

Gestures as simple as offering to help an old lady carry her purchase to her car, or providing water and washrooms to your customers free of cost or opening doors while your customers are walking or walking out, can help you go the extra mile to building a brand.

5. Appreciate your customers

Several of your competitors do what you’re doing; maybe better. How do you stand out? Show your wholesale customers that you highly appreciate them and they will choose you over the others. Showing a sense of appreciation is universally a meaningful experience.

Show your shoppers that you’re offering them gratitude because they are your esteemed customers. Some things as little as thank you notes add a lot of value to your business beyond the services you give.

Your customers are driven by the special feeling of belonging they get from you. Big things can often be done right. It is the little aspects we tend to overlook that make your valuable business stand out.


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