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CX scores rise, despite COVID-19 disruption

29th Jul 2020
Regional VP International Markets TTEC
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Amongst the disruption coronavirus has caused over recent months there are many sectors that have been under enormous pressure to deliver great CX.  

Segments such as the virtual meeting industry, cybersecurity, supermarkets, gaming, on-line fitness, home delivery, pharmaceuticals, PPE and the CX technology providers have all been impacted as we have had to launch measures within a few weeks to deal with an unprecedented amount of customer interactions, bringing business continuity into focus and accelerating the digital transformation agenda.

It is therefore interesting to read Forrester’s 2020 US Customer Experience Index Report that captures the early effects of the pandemic.  This glimpse at the early days of COVID-19’s reach helps paint a vital picture on how uncertainty can affect customer experience.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways highlighted from the report, which surveyed more than 97,000 customers across 250 brands and 14 industries from January through March.

Brands that invest in CX are winning

Winning are those brands that invest in CX and embrace the “new normal” and show their ability to:

  • Consistently meet customer’s needs.  They are insightful enough to understand what people want from their brand.
  • Understand and react to emotions.  These brands know how to delight their customers and foster these moments into great experiences.
  • Rebound from mistakes.  A key factor in the ‘new normal,’ these brands are have performed enough good acts to their customers that there is room for error as they reshape themselves post-COVID-19.

Emotional connections remain essential

When we previously reported on Forrester’s annual US Customer Experience Index Report, we wrote that ‘customer experience is a never ending-journey.’  Customer expectations evolve, technology changes, and new ways to communicate emerge, but the need for human connection stays the same.

This year, it’s especially important due to how much has changed since the pandemic began.  Feelings of happiness and value connect customers to a brand.  A majority 76% of this year’s respondents who feel appreciated by brands will continue their relationship with the business, while 80% say they will spend more.

Likewise, as customers demand more empathy, they will continue to have a lower tolerance for negative interactions.  Only 18% of customers who said they were disappointed by a brand will keep continuing business with them.

“To emerge successfully from this global crisis, brands must build experiences that help them engage with their customers at an emotional level,” said Sharyn Leaver, SVP of Research at Forrester in a statement about the 2020 report.

“Brands can build a well of CX equity if they embrace a disciplined approach to envisioning, designing, and delivering a consistently high-quality experience. When consumer spending resumes, brands with experiences that engender customer loyalty will benefit the most.”


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