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Moments matter - Deliver superb customer journeys

22nd Oct 2014
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In this blog, Imran Choudhary, Smarter Commerce Retail Specialist, IBM, discusses why building relevance and context to the consumer is key and why identifying 'moments that matter' can help you gain competitive advantage.

Consumers are becoming more informed and sophisticated in understanding the value of allowing their behaviour and personal data to be tracked, be it to gain greater access to promotions, better service, or higher value engagement on recommendations of products and services relevant to their personal needs.

This relevance and context are key to gaining brand advocacy, loyalty, and higher order value. Engagement creates a relationship between the consumer and the brand, and with any engagement there has to be value for both parties. If relevant to the person’s needs, wants, desires and aspirations you create moments that matter.

However building your relevance to the consumer is not an easy task, neither is it one that can happen overnight. Collecting data points or identifying 'moments that matter' is not necessarily difficult. It’s the aggregation of these moments, connecting the dots of the consumer's journey and thinking, to deliver the best next action that will make a moment compelling, real, and authentic.

In Maria Winans' latest view point ‘Moments that Matter’ we explore the importance of building relevance against the tide of Big Data and demands of the digital consumer. We learn how organisations are taking advantage of the digital economy, with IBM technologies at the heart of their innovation engines and transformation, to gain competitive advantage and engage with the consumer like never before.

Interested in this topic? Download the full report from IBM: Moments Matter: Deliver Superb Customer Journeys with Smarter Commerce


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