What can sports teach businesses about analytics and engagement?

1st Oct 2013

Data and analytics is increasingly being used in sports to deliver value-add to die-hard fans, from insights into player/team performances to shifting social sentiment and up-to-the-minute stats. 

And this information is rapidly become a core part of the promotion and coverage of sporting events. 

For instance, over the summer the IBM SlamTracker delivered live scores, real-time statistics and analytical match analysis of Wimbledon, studying over 41 million data points and monitoring conversations across social media to deliver sentiment information.  

Elsewhere, as the rugby season kicks off, the RFU TryTracker will visually represent player influence, keys to the game and match momentum in real time.

And all of this has implications beyond the world of sports, with organisations in the business world being able to learn from the way teams and events are using analytics to drive engagement amongst fans. 

Customer engagement is a hot topic for many CMOs looking to forge longer lasting, more genuine relationships with their customers and many of the tactics employed in sporting analytics to boost fan engagement can also be applied to your business practices.

MyCustomer.com are excited to be recording a video discussion later this month with IBM, Wimbledon and RFU to discuss the impleemtnation and benefits they’ve seen from predictive analytics and how businesses like yours can make better ue of smarter data.

The discussion will launch on 24th October at 1pm. Pre register here to receive a reminder when it launches.

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