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Sky’s The Limit on Failing Telephony CX

27th Sep 2018
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Sky, the satellite TV broadcaster pushed my patience this weekend. Maybe I am too sensitive working in the Customer Experience and Telephony space, but I feel sure many of you will relate to my experience and maybe have even had the same or similar recently.

The question is ‘why do successful brands with money continue to treat paying customers poorly’ ?

Worse is when, as in this instance, they offer the reason to engage or call, they instigate the interaction and lead you right into a bad experience which is n their control! Let me share the scenario and you decide……

So, it starts with a paper, snail mail, old school postal letter offer that they sent to my parents offering a free upgrade, all positive so far.

Being they have no WiFi and I have only my phone I decide easiest and quickest (naively) is to quickly call the number, accept the offer and have it done for them.  What a mistaken assumption this was!

Sky Offer

Firstly, hitting the IVR, which option do you want; 1 for xxx, 2 for yyy etc.  So, you have put me into your standard routing, for which I the customer am now guessing as to which options and route I need to take to best address this offer. Having navigated 4+ menus’ (hopefully to the correct path), I am presented with the queue and a message of a 20+ minute wait!  I decide quickly that I shall revert to the web self-serve option

Any guesses…..  I register my parents using their SKYID and my email address, login and click to activate the offer and get this friendly notification;

Sky Web Issue`

Straight back that same main number! Yet again lack of personalisation or at any time treating me in context to the situation!

I persist and call back in, this time not to get the IVR menu for some reason but a different speech recognition only menu instead of the DTMF menu system. The voice system doesn’t recognise any likely request for Swapbox offer,  HD box upgrade and keeps asking what I want, offering if more convenient please go text us or message us via Facebook Messenger (sounds great until you hear the sub-message that these are not live chats and will be responded to through the day!).

I persist further……….. (feel my pain yet?), despite having every barrier to defer me from speaking to another human and dealing with what I called for! Finally after 22 mins in queue I get through a very helpful agent assists and  in 4-5 mins sorts out the matter. This should have been a 5-7 min issue, in effect it took over 45 mins in total to sort something so simple!

So what should I expect, what is possible today?

Should that initial letter sent not have a campaign specific number on it. One that when I call knows immediately why I am calling and directs me accordingly, ideally to an automated prime option of press 1 to confirm your new HD box or 2 to speak to an agent.  Option 1 then leading me to a, please enter your SKYID, is that Mr Moyse confirmation and then if you are calling to schedule the free HD box upgrade press 1 to confirm acceptance of the offer, and upon 1 then offer a range of dates and times for the delivery/installation with dynamic IVR selections to choose. All of what I wanted could and can be self served today without frustrating me as a customer, without having me queue and hold up others who do NEED to speak to a person and also freeing up the time of the agents and reducing the queue times. A vicious positive circle if you elect to use it!

In every way you could handle this better for the customer with affordable technology available today. This makes allocating a specific number to a campaign and configuring this Dynamic IVR routing quick and agile.

So what does not doing this say to a customer;

  • That you don’t care about customer experience or them as an individual or customer
  • That your system doesn’t have the capability to do this and you need to change it for something that addresses the modern customer
  • That you are naive to Customer Experience matters and the impact this has on your KPI’s, NPS, customer churn, reputation and brand.

Or is it all of the above ? 

Is this just me or something you have experienced? Do you get fed up expecting poor service when you phone a business?  Whose phone experience is like this when you call – name them here…..

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