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Differentiating through CX - Standing out from the Crowd

29th Sep 2016
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Standing out from your competitors isn’t always easy. As a result, companies are constantly looking at ways to differentiate themselves and gain a competitive edge in their industry both locally and globally.

The digital age has meant the traditional approach to engaging with consumers is no longer fit for purpose - one size no longer fits all. Out of this changing landscape, Customer Experience (CX) has risen as a priority for smart and savvy companies, a way for businesses to set themselves apart from competitors and create a unique experience for customers.

We spoke to several companies in the UK and the US about their CX journeys and how CX is helping them to differentiate them from the wider competitive market.

iNTERTAIN, one of the UK’s leading late night hospitality companies, operates  Australian-themed bars called. Customer Insights Manager Andrew Dean talks about how listening to customers through a programme called “Talkabout Walkabout” has helped the restaurant tune its offerings and connect more effectively with customers.

“Our customer listening program surfaces insights that drive key decisions in our company. It helps us to understand what can be improved and also what our customers loved most about visiting of our establishments, enabling us to keep delivering an experience our customers love.”

The ability to deliver CX is a journey that requires ongoing commitment and innovative thinking – it’s a way of life. Rob Brown, director, customer insights at U.S. home goods retailer hhgregg explains, “You’ve got to work with the new technology and always keep learning to stay ahead of the curve.” Consumer needs are constantly developing and the demand is higher than ever before.  A strong CX programme enables an element of personalisation that customers can value.

One of the best ways a company can show it cares about its customers is by making them feel valued. CX empowers businesses to take that extra step to show customers that they’ve listened to what they love and what could be improved, then actually made a change as a result. “CX is about the feelings you create and the story that people are going tell as a result of those feelings. If someone isn’t satisfied, it doesn’t matter why, you just need to make them feel like they’re being taken care of”, explains Ryan Bond, director brand & people experience of inspired Mexican restaurant Carlos O’Kelley.

Despite what many companies may think, true customer experience leaders aren’t reticent about sharing best practise with other businesses and even competitors. Yes delivering a superior customer experience can give a business a competitive edge. But because each company has a unique series of customer journeys, brand promise and customer mix, best practices must be adapted to create and deliver the “right” experience for each brand.  Finding and focusing on what sets you apart – according to your customers – is the key to success in this new, customer-centric landscape.   

Catch up with Andrew Dean from iNTERTAIN, here:

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