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Transform your NPS from score to system

2nd Aug 2016
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If you’ve spent more than about 2.5 seconds engaged in any type of Customer Experience (CX) activity, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Net Promoter Score℠ or Net Promoter System℠ (NPS). In fact, it’s difficult to avoid it—and with good reason.

Since its release in 2003, NPS has received worldwide attention in nearly every business publication on the planet. It has been adopted by some of the largest and most prestigious brands and has helped transform Customer Experience from a theory to an imperative. In fact, it is now so prevalent that 48 percent of companies with more than £350 million in revenue are using NPS as their primary indicator for measuring customer experience success.

It is undeniable that NPS has become the foundation for today’s most successful enterprise-level CX programmes and a force that, when implemented widely and wisely, can add fuel to your efforts. However, making the switch to NPS will not always provide a quick fix to the issues your brand may face. There’s more to it than just the score – this is why NPS has, over time, evolved from a ‘Score’ to a full blown ‘System’. Once this is realised, NPS can support an entire brand infrastructure, allowing a company to strengthen the relationship with stakeholders in a way that they may not have been able to previously. 

With this in mind, InMoment has produced a white paper to help you find out more about what a Net Promoter System includes, how it works, the difference between the score and the system, and finally, how to transform a simple, yet powerful metric into a strategic framework to improve your business.

Download the white paper here.

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