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Closing the delivery feedback gap

30th Jun 2021
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E-commerce has grown at a dramatic rate and shows no sign of slowing down. This is in part thanks to the pandemic – but it is by no means the only reason. There have been huge improvements over the last decade in both the online and in store experience. This is due to innovative retail technology transforming the industry. From new payment technology to better design and one-day delivery, it has never been easier to shop.

This year we conducted a survey to find out more about customers and their delivery experiences over the past 12 months. A key finding was that nearly a quarter of customers (22.5%) who experience delivery issues whilst ordering goods online do not complain.

Worryingly, this highlights that retailers may not even know that there has been an issue – missing an important opportunity to resolve it, give their customers a positive experience, and get the customer back on side.

It is vital that this delivery feedback gap is closed.Retailers can gain a deeper understanding of their customers by taking the steps below:

The value of customer feedback

Customer feedback is a gift. While hearing customer issues can be challenging, it’s important that they don’t go unnoticed or unresolved. This will only lead to customer dissatisfaction. Getting new customers is more expensive than keeping them.So having the right customers is vital to retail businesses. Having knowledge of customer issues lets businesses proactively resolve them for other customers, improve customer relationships, and keep their custom.

Feedback is also needed as it impacts a retailer’s internal decision making. With the current gap, retailers risk making changes that do not improve customer satisfaction – as they are unaware of the important issues that need solving. This sets up cycles of change that do not improve the delivery service as decisions are not based on the customer pain points. With feedback, retailers can develop insights and spot patterns to improve their process.

Online retail has seen a boom over the past year due to the pandemic. Our survey indicates that this boom in e-commerce is set to continue – with 85% of online shoppers saying they would shop either the same or more frequently online over the next 12 months. The quality of delivery services is now more important than ever: with no shop front, delivery drivers are the brand’s front-of-house.

How to close the gap

Retailers need feedback to close the gap. The critical next step is supporting customers to give it. Retailers should make sure they are asking for feedback on all elements of the customer journey – from the shopping process, to delivery and finally the product itself. They could also use technology, such as mobile apps, to make feedback possible at just the touch of a button.

A key way to generate feedback is to both let customers know that it is valued, and to offer them an incentive – so that they get something in return. 

There are a few ways to do this including:

  • Entering customers in a raffle to win your products once they’ve given feedback.
  • Giving customers a discount code after giving feedback on a number of purchases.
  • If you have a points-based rewards card, give them more points for feedback.

A look into the future

Retailers, couriers and customers each exist in silos right now – this is something that Circuit are committed to changing. By connecting them within one ecosystem, processes will be streamlined and communications improved. This will result in a better experience for customers and, in time, there should be no surprise delays – or parcels left out in the rain.

Retailers using one central application for all deliveries also lets customers give quick feedback. with apps such as Uberor Deliveroo for example, a quick star rating out of five means customers do not need to leave the app or sign into their email to offer reviews. It is easier, takes fewer clicks, and doesn't need the person to 'think'. This could also help increase the rate of feedback given as it is less time-consuming for customers.

Ultimately, while the delivery feedback gap is worrying, there are solutions.  This gap need not stay open for long if retailers and couriers work together to encourage reviews and allow feedback. Through better communication and processes, each one will soon have a better understanding of the customer experience and what they can do to make it even better.

To learn more about Circuit and our recent survey visit: 


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