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How Does PCI Compliance Enhance Mobile CX?

21st Mar 2017
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When customer satisfaction and peace of mind is vital to your business, it’s important to stay up-to-date with what your customers need and want from your service. 

With huge numbers of consumers now preferring to interact with businesses via their smartphones, good mobile customer experience (CX) has become crucial. That’s why we at PCI Pal have been looking into new mobile-friendly self-service solutions, which provide a more responsive experience. 

Let’s take a closer look at how PCI compliance can enhance your mobile CX.

Why is Mobile CX so Important?

We might generally be aware that people seem to be spending more time on their smartphones, but new data shows that this is now actively impacting business transactions and payments. 

In fact, the number of EU customers regularly using their mobile to make contactless payments has tripled in the last year, from just 18% in 2015 to 54% in 2016. 

It’s not just payments either. There has been a trend towards customers preferring to carry out all of their interactions with a business via mobile too - 64% of people now begin customer service enquiries online rather than over the phone (only 28% of consumers surveyed said they’d begin by picking up the phone). 

With mobile interactions becoming so popular, good mobile customer experience is therefore vital to consumer opinion of your brand. Glitches, hard-to-use apps, a lack of omnichannel options, or weak security could all put off potential customers from using your business entirely. On the other hand, good mobile CX - secure technology that is easy-to-use, fast and convenient - could turn someone into a repeat customer for life.

How can PCI Compliance Enhance Mobile CX?

Good mobile CX comes from services that are flexible, simple, fast and safe, and PCI compliance can aid with all of these. For example, one desirable functionality often cited by customers is the ability to move from online-based interactions to voice interactions during a query, enabling the customer to continue their conversation with the same agent without having to go through a further queueing system over the phone. 

In the past, click-to-call has been hindered by security issues regarding moving from an online chat to a voice call. With an integrated, cloud-based PCI compliant system however, these services become viable. 

Mobile CX is also enhanced in general by the safety a PCI compliant system offers. Customers want to know that their personal data will be protected however they choose to pay, not least via their mobile. 

If your organisation can offer a PCI compliant mobile payments system, your customer will trust your brand - making them more likely to follow through with transactions and give you repeat custom, as well enhancing their experience overall. 

Solutions to Enhance Mobile CX

At PCI Pal, we champion fully hosted, integrated Interactive Voice Response and SMS and web chat secure payment solutions that are all smartphone-friendly. 

Our secure cloud has a range of flexible options that allow our clients to tailor the customer experience to their exact needs; with fully-automated, multi-lingual solutions allowing customers to make secure payments wherever they are and at any time, without agent interaction.

Mobile is 24/7 so merchants need to offer a responsive, always-on customer experience, but if you’re taking card payments, you’ll need to be fully PCI compliant, regardless of contact method.

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