11th Jul 2014

Evaluating your business is not an easy task. You apply n number of measures on different aspects of your business for evaluation, but do not get satisfactory results. On your website Live chat software not only works wonders to create business leads, but also helps you to cut on assessment cost. The saved chat sessions in the form of chat transcripts help you to evaluate different aspects of your business. Here are 5 types of business evaluation you can conduct on the basis of your saved chat transcripts:

1. Evaluation of your Product and services:

The reviews and ratings provided during the chat session, can be helpful in assessing the image of your product before your customer. It becomes easy to evaluate your product when you have customer feedback saved with you in form of chat transcripts. You can always look into the chat transcripts when you want do assessment of your product and service. Acknowledging the customer needs you can improve your product and services thereafter.

2. Evaluation of your Support Team:

Evaluation of your team is important for quality and training purposes. There are different measures to evaluate your team performance, but if your looking for the easiest way, then saving your chat transcripts is the easiest one. The saved chat transcripts can evaluate the performance of each and every member of your team. It is important to know how your team is handling each issue, whether they are able to provide appropriate solutions to your customer. Even your team performs at its best when they know, they have been checked time to time through such methods.

3. Evaluation of your customer:

In a day an average business come across thousands of customer. But the question is how to segregate them into useful and useless customer. The chat transcripts help you to choose your prospective customer. You can always evaluate who can be your customer in future by going through the chat transcripts. The customer can be analyzed in terms of interested, least interested and very interested. It becomes easy to approach the customer when you know the level of interest in your business.

4. Evaluation of your goals and objectives:

When customers look upto you for help, you always try to provide the best services you can, because you want them to stay connected. Creating life long customers is important for flourishing your business. Customer satisfaction, product performance, team performance, all these ultimately helps in evaluating your goals and objectives you must have set before commencing your business. The level of achievement can be assessed through the feedback provided to you by your customer during the chat sessions. You can review each chat and can also count the number of positive feedbacks you received. The more positive feedbacks you can the more you head towards the achievement of your goals.

5. Evaluating your promotional campaigns:

The number of saved chat transcripts per day can evaluate the success of your ongoing promotional campaigns. You can always do segmentation of your leads generated through the saved transcripts. You can check the number of customers arrived from the promotional campaigns you have been doing. This check on campaigns can help you to know if you are on track or you have to change something in your existing campaigns.


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