Satisfy your customer's basic expectations with Live chat

30th Jul 2014

Meeting the customers demand is necessary to survive in the world of business. With variety of customers you need to make sure each and every customer gets the best customer service. Customers can be easily satisfied when met face to face but what about your virtual shop. In case of Online shops you can satisfy your customers basic demands and make them comfortable on your virtual shop by providing them instant support through Live chat. Live chat not only helps you in providing an instore experience to your customers but also help you to fulfill customers basic expectations. Customers have four type of basic expectations which can be easily be fulfilled via add Live chat software on website.

1. Availability:

Virtually or practically, both ways customers need your presence at the store. What if they stumble upon something and they might have question regarding your products or services. Customers have their doubts before expending even a little amount over something. So, your availability is necessary to answer any of their questions and assist them in any way you could. Live chat help you to be available 24/7 to your customers. When you are available for your customers at all hours, customers tend to return back to you particularly, every time they need something.

2. Advice:

Every customer visit your shop with a purpose. Their purposes may be different but they always tend to seek advice from you. They look up to you for advice over the products they choose, or they describe you their purpose and demand and expect you to suggest. Giving advice face to face is easy but what about when you are handling an online site. The footprints checker feature of Live chat software helps you to understand the browsing pattern of your customer and provide you knowledge about the type of product or service your customer is looking for and you can always provide suggestion to them likewise, either while chatting or you can initiate chat and surprise them by advising the exact product they are looking for.

3. Accuracy:

Accuracy in terms of the details of your product and services is one of the basic customer expectation. A customer was looking for an Android device with kitkat 4.4.3, he browsed for that particular device on different sites but couldn't find this feature added in the details of the device. While looking for the device he encountered Live chat service on one of the sites. He asked for the help and the website manager helped him with each and every minor detail of the device. The satisfied customer immediately made the payment.

In another instance, a customer was looking for a pair of shoe in size 9, the site displayed the availability of the shoe in stock, but when the customer was trying to make the payment, the Live chat assistant interrupted and apologized for the inconvenience and stopped him from making payment, as there was a shortage of the product in the stock. The customer was relieved from getting in trouble and purchased a lot of other things with the Live Agent's assistance. In both the instances the right to accurate information was applied which is a basic customer expectation and could easily be fulfilled via Live chat.

4. Alternatives:

Options and alternatives are customers another basic expectation. A lady wanted a Gucci bag from an online store, she liked a bag but didn't liked the color. She expected the store to have different colors in the same design. She browsed a lot but couldn't find it in other colors. Then she browsed through other brands with same design and she found an alternative in different color, which she bought immediately.

This is a very common shopping pattern of customers. But what if she couldn't find the options and alternatives even after being available at your store, she may need assistance in such a situation. Here, Live chat comes to the customer's rescue and helps you form loosing a potential customer.

So, Live chat software is more than just a little chat widget, it helps in fulfilling the customers basic expectation. So, have a live chat button on your website today and deliver the basic expectations of your customers.


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By Jefferbeck
05th Aug 2014 12:01

Thanks to share this informative and useful article, I absolutely agree that live chat is really best way to provide web based customer support service. I would definitely use this chat software on my website.

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