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Adaptive marketing on customers’ terms

14th Aug 2017
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Too many marketers are struggling to adapt to customer’s unpredictable behavior; it’s time to raise the bar and set a new “millisecond marketing” standard for personalized messaging – a standard that turns digital marketers into successful adaptive marketers.

The key is to let marketers automatically adapt to customer behavior and naturally improve every single interaction no matter when and where it occurs.

Millisecond marketing capabilities can let adaptive marketers personalize messaging in the moment using fast and slow data to maintain relevancy across their ecosystem. How fast?  These can be dynamic omni-channel campaigns that leverage real-time rules to dynamically personalize messaging in less than 100 milliseconds, staying fully targeted on the latest state of each customer relationship on any channel. It’s a new – and much needed --standard for personalized messaging.

How It Works

Marketers need to stay one step ahead of their customers – sending consistently relevant messages that maximize the lifetime value of each individual relationship.  They need the ability to:

  • Access and manage the full extent of each customer relationship in a matter of seconds.
  • Orchestrate a consistently relevant Adaptive Customer Experience in full context.
  • Adapt to customer behavior in real-time with in-the-moment personalization on any channel.

Millisecond Marketing: Real-Time Adaptive Capabilities

Millisecond marketing capabilities enable adaptive marketers to personalize messaging as each interaction is happening using fast (in-the-moment) data and slow (historical) data to maintain relevancy across their ecosystem.  Adaptive marketers should be able to expect breakthrough real-time capabilities:

Real-Time Adaptive Campaigns

Dynamic omnichannel campaigns that leverage real-time rules for personalizing messaging in the moment in less than 100 milliseconds and maintaining relevancy based on the full and latest state of each customer relationship.

Real-Time Adaptive Data Mobilization

Making slow data fast by mobilizing information in less than 100 milliseconds before, during, and after each interaction using real-time adaptive API connectors for personalization.

Real-Time Adaptive Identity Management

Maintaining personalized and consistently relevant messaging throughout the entire ecosystem by recognizing a customer in less than 100 milliseconds across sessions, channels, and known devices without requiring re-authentication.

These are the features that matter most to today’s marketer, from in-the-moment personalized messaging, to managing and controlling all customer data, to doing more with less tools.  It’s a matter of when, not if, traditional marketers need to evolve into adaptive marketers.  Millisecond marketing offers the fastest, most effective route to get there.

Jeff Hassemer is chief strategy officer at Alterian, an Adaptive Customer Experience company where marketers gain the power to maximize customer opportunity in milliseconds, allowing brands to stay one step ahead of individual customers with the right message no matter where or when they interact.

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