Five Persuasion Modes You Need in Your Marketing Campaigns without Breaking a Sweat

1st Aug 2016
Marketing Campaign

Marketing, of course is all about persuasion. You could argue that brands like Coco - Cola and Nike got to where they are not by convincing people that their brands were best, but making their names much more visible. However, visibility is a persuasive element, say for example seeing a Nike product worn by a professional athlete gives you an impression that the quality is really high. So, if marketing is something that can be boiled down to persuasion, then these highly effective persuasion techniques should be able to take your campaigns to the next level, which in short means attracting more traffic, earning more and more conversions, sparking more and more conversations. The following are the five modern persuasion modes you can introduce in your marketing campaigns without breaking a sweat.

Grabbing attention:

Interesting information, well presented and showing emotions will always help you hold the attention of your marketing audience. Remember, people don’t watch your ads, they watch what will lead them to of their own interest. Your messages need to be interesting to your marketing audience, grabbing their attention based on emotions, super visuals, and cool products with a great sound track. Let your visuals carry out the entire message to your marketing audience.

Do not go beyond your contacts:

One more common problem is when you have been struggling in order to make things happen, and you go beyond something in order to succeed. You must try and make changes in your strategic marketing campaign seeking budgets if you are reaching out to someone beyond your limit. When you do this without a plan, the prospect will not likely understand your goals and requirements and might also misinterpret.

Communication is always better:

We all do know that communication is better when it comes to the process of resolving issues. If differences between you and your client cannot be resolved through the communication process, then you should surely avoid the differences in the very first place. And it is not like you need to call up the client every now and then, a prospective communication is often considered to be a blend of both formal and informal communication.

Let them know that you really care:

The next part of your communication is the outcome of what you gain from it. While running a marketing campaign for your business, understand your client, about what is motivating them. Let them know that you genuinely want to make business with them, and letting them know what they mean to the success of your business. You too would begin to love your job when you care about their business as much as they do.

Providing monthly campaigns that are tailored and useful:

Writing monthly reports is not something that you should be casual about. This in turn would here turn out to be worse spending a lot of time in preparing them as they are not read often. So it does become necessary that you have reports prepared that are useful to your clients and is perceived to be important.

Document conversations:

This is one of the most important things that you need to do. As a marketer you will want to maintain a record of all the conversations that you have had with your customers. Once the meeting is over follow up by sending a verified email to your client summing up all the important aspects of the meeting. This will make clients feel that you are professional when it comes to both regular and strategic marketing campaigns.

Going Social:

People trust others when it comes to brands, a problem that did not exist during Aristotle's day. Another easy way of taking advantage of the above fact is allowing your customers to do the persuading for you. Studies have shown that 88% of your customers trust online reviews like personal recommendation, so have testimonials, reviews included in your messaging via social media. In short you are still convincing your marketing audiences, you know you are worth the salt, but you are doing it through the mouth of your consumers.

Don’t forget to track your marketing campaigns and coupons:

One of the most important aspect and especially in an integrated campaign is having the analytics and the attribution methods being put in place in order to understand how you have been achieving the conversions and other marketing results.

Every type of business can benefit in some way by using these persuasion modes, if not all of them. Say for example fast food restaurants could easily benefit from an appeal to impulse more than insurance companies can, similarly with financial institutions gaining benefits from logical appeals more than a hairdresser might. So do you have any lessons about making your marketing campaign better you could then have this shared with your community through the comments section below.

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