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Infographic- Why you can’t ignore Direct Mail Marketing

3rd Aug 2016
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With advanced technologies and highly penetrating use of emails and other channels like videos and social media, you may land up asking yourself, is direct mail still effective? You might even be wondering if the cost you have been paying for it is worth it or not. Well according to me, when strategically integrated with these channels, it certainly is. Here are five reasons why direct mail is effective and a relevant tool for businesses today especially in terms of demand generation and lead nurturing. 

It’s Tangible: 

Direct mail comes in different shapes and sizes. You can choose from postcards, brochures, letters, coupons and so much more. As the name suggests this is the only media channel that physically allows you to place your messages to the right marketing audience. Through the usage of QR codes, your customers can get actively involved.  By combing your direct mail marketing channels like mobile using QR codes you can make a memorable impression.

 It’s integrated: 

Direct mail is something that can be integrated through The Web, Media (TV/Radio) and social creating a winning environment. Having direct mail Integrated with online marketing channels enables measurement and accountability.

It’s accountable: 

Direct mail gives you the opportunity to track down the success of your marketing campaign. Whether it’s counting the number of coupons that have been redeemed or visits to the landing pages, or the inquiries generated; direct mail gives you everything you need. By tracking and analyzing results gained in the marketing campaign, you can see what is working and what is not and if there is any change that has to be made.

Creates a sense of urgency: 

Time limited offers help in urging your customers to connect and buy the products and services from you, faster. You shouldn't send an offer every month or customers begin to devalue whatever you are trying to sell considering the discount price. Make your deals really special for your customers by offering them infrequently. Another alternative for you here is to offer free gifts or other extras with purchase, making it in such a way that it costs you little or nothing but has value for your customers.

Nothing will help you grab attention like printed word:

Let’s face this, most inboxes are generally filled with marketing messages these days, which means a lot of emails are either read, ignored or deleted without even being read. Because most of the emails sent have continued to decline drastically when compared to the last year, well-designed envelopes with clear marketing messages are more likely to grab the attention of your marketing audience when they land up at their doorsteps.

Does not limit your marketing audience: 

In the world of email and newspaper marketing, you are limiting your audience by choosing those who may be having limited access to the particular medium. Each and every one of us gets an email in our inbox, whereas a few of us are still not using emails. While we have people reading news online these days and if you are not trying to reach these people you have just missed out the potential of turning these prospects into someone you will be doing a business with.

It’s ideal for customer retention:

Communicating with your customers through the direct mail using professionally printed envelopes shows customers that your business will take time and effort to nurture and build a stronger relationship. You just cannot deliver this message of loyalty and respect via email.
To conclude, direct mail will always continue to be one of the most compelling ways to connect with prospects, and when done in the right manner pulls high open rates generating excellent leads and revenue.

Here is an Infographic from Ampliz. Why you can’t ignore Direct Mail Marketing


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