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Integration of CRM & Social data to manage Leads

9th Nov 2017
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Sometimes you need to walk the talk to get results. So, you have got the lead and need to convert it. But last time you failed to connect the dots and could not manage them effectively. You will need to know the right tools to leverage lead management decisions connecting intelligent integration of CRM and social data. Which are your existing tools? Have they bought any results? If not, then it is time to switch and nurture online contacts.

Listen to conversations

Sometimes listening teaches one much more than speaking. Without butting in or adding comments, indulge in smart, online passive engagement to get social insights. This is a part of BI, which you should follow. When does listening prove useful?

Consumers speak frankly online about their frustrations and voicing their dissatisfaction. If you see your brand is mentioned, your content marketing team needs to address it. This is a small example of smart engagement for you to hold on to the consumer.  They choose to rant/have anti-campaign on twitter, facebook or other social media to speak about the ‘bad flight’, excessive telephone bill provided by the service provider or the tasteless food/rude stewards…

Such events are now a part of our digital lives. Grab this opportunity to know more and track the conversation. This may form an opportunity later for direct marketing. Listening will help you to create more powerful methods to nurture relationships. It may lead the disgruntled consumer to your platform. As long as you address their grievance, they will follow suit and become aware of your products/services.

Potential of expanding social data with CRM

The CRM is now the hub of various functions. It has brought more meaning to automation. In turn, it offers an opportunity for customer retention. The social data that you procure needs to make sense of customer engagement. If it is adaptable with the CRM, it can do wonders to manage new leads. Various marketing software for the market can make this vital connection work. Has this been the missing link that failed you last time? Then utilize it for the next launch.

Having an agile CRM suite is important. New versions show that they are now capable of mixing different business functions like deal tracking, email campaigns, automation and tracking customer support. Today, from start to end the customer’s behavior is mapped. As the customer chooses different online platforms the functions are becoming more complex. The entire system has gone non-linear.

It clearly shows that in coming years marketing and sales will have to align their methodologies to manage leads more effectively. If you have a comprehensive CRM system it will be easier to handle the leads. All teams can work on a single platform to engage the customer with deep insights.

Further R & D show that nearly 95% of B2B companies choose this method to create more value and meaning for marketing managers.

Integrating the CRM and leads to wisdom

Here is a quick review of now managing the social analytics effectively:

Understand the customer sentiment (i.e rant/dissatisfaction/pleasure etc.). It will help you to respond in the most appropriate manner. Otherwise, the customer moves on.

Decoding buying behavior is essential. If too many people approach the customer, he may back off.

Does the customer have any quirks? Tick it on the system.

Will the customer become your brand ambassador? Your efforts will be reduced and ROI becomes easier. Lead generation offers wisdom to emulate as information becomes clear.

Integrate marketing solutions even for those who are offline. This adds to the enhanced intelligence.

Make segments to tap at different sales cycles of the year.

Clout of enterprise systems with social media leads

Imagine a restaurant’s name going viral over the digital platform for substandard meals. If the restaurant manager takes this tip-off he may understand why his customers are grumbling. Then he can comments. This is what marketers need to do with their brands too. Let users speak and then use that clout to get leads to improve and change. If managers are disconnected with this online platform it will lead the brand nowhere.

With awareness, it is now possible to say that an average enterprise has several active social media accounts, which they can tap—from marketing to sales, legal and customer support. This is a crucial data set for enterprises that need to be monitored and held close to know their consumers. This data should be used for making even business decisions. Action with online users in real time will bring you to ground reality too. It makes sense to understand the metrics and use the data effectively.


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