Online Chat Software- Improve your Conversion Rate

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Online chat software for your website is a powerful tool you can use to gain better customer satisfaction and improved customer conversion rate. Live customer chat avails an option to your website visitors or online business customers to chat with you for support or assistance or help.

Using live help software, website chat operator can respond to multiple visitors on a go. Making your website live is an excellent option to switch, Online chat software helps to remove the doubt of your customers and you can achieve customer loyalty by readily answering their queries online.

Provide convenience to your website visitors through live customer chat simply generate profits for your online business. You can gain more customers from all across the globe. It has been found that the websites that doesn’t have a live help software loose business online and sometime it cost to a loss of a customer.
Live chat swiftly generates leads for your business:
Live chat is the most likely used way to interact with your website visitors online. Unlike telephones, emails and other conventional ways, live chat provides another channel to interact with consumers and get them the services or products they need. Younger generations tend to be more comfortable using chat than older generations. As web users become savvier, they'll prefer to chat when it comes to make their decisions about particular product and services.

In addition it also helps the website owner to know their target market so that they can direct their sales efforts accordingly for instance if you are getting high hits or more queries from a particular county and region then you can easily guide you sales team to perform and generate leads from that particular region. Gaining customers is the ultimate aim of any business, and wondering the ways to make it workable you add countless efforts in your online business operations. So overall adding online chat software will simply bring the enhancement in your present sales volume. The radically changing customer market and ever increasing competition makes difficult to gain customer loyalty and generate quality leads to target but whilst using live customer chat you can make this possible. Live chat triggers the interest of the customer or visitor in the product or services offered by you.

In the end, I would suggest to personalizing the live chat experience for your customers; you can add your chat operators’ name. The major benefit of this will be to humanize the chat experience; having the picture or name will make your site visitors look and feel as though they are sitting across the desk from you.
Follow these steps to deploy Live2Support live chat:

About jennie23

About jennie23

Live2Support Inc. was founded in 2003 to provide online customer support to organizations around the world with an Internet presence. The company’s live help software has been developed to address the needs of multiple segments of various online communities and e-commerce enterprises including banking, insurance, education, shopping, counseling and others by acting as a two-way communication conduit between site visitors and online enterprises. Advanced-level customization capabilities facilitate the use of the corporate logo, signage, fonts, colors and the strategic positioning of the chat window on web pages thus enabling businesses to give a personalized look and feel to live chat interactions with customers.

The live chat software’s flexibility and versatility allows companies to tailor independent and separate chat windows for departments such as sales, product promotions, technical support, billing and customer service departments. Live2Support’s live support application generates detailed chat transcripts. This enables companies to use these transcripts to conduct market research, develop customer profiles, train chat operators and evaluate chat operator performance.



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24th Dec 2013 00:45

I accidentally came across inside , and after looking through their site <a href=" "></a>, it morphs a business website into a virtual storefront so business personnel can see and help their site visitors in real-time using chat. 

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25th Jun 2015 10:19

Live chat software really help to increase customer trust and make your customer happy. It is the fastest and the smartest way to provide customer support service on website. To know more about how live chat can help to increase conversion rate visit

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