Social Customer Service in Contact Centres

29th May 2014

According to a recent study, in 2012 brands were only answering about 30% of questions posed via social media, yet by the end of 2013, this figure had more than doubled to 62%, marking a startling 143% year-over-year increase in social customer care. This rapid increase in customer enquiries on social channels means that ignoring this challenge or deflecting it to another team is no longer an option. Contact centres need to step up to the plate.

Social media has often been managed separately from Customer Service, by Marketing or Communications teams, but there is growing pressure for contact centres to integrate social into their systems and workflow. A recent survey from Deloitte of over 560 contact centres found that 38% of customer service contact centres anticipate growth in their use of social media during 2014 and yet, when asked, most contact centres still don’t use social media monitoring as a tool for capturing customer feedback.

That’s why Our Social Times has teamed up with Sentiment to produce a brand new Whitepaper: How should contact centres integrate social customer service?

The White Paper offers a detailed analysis of our expert-led webinar discussion with added insights, quotes and statistics taken from relevant online sources. While it is not designed to represent the ‘last word’ on social customer service, it does provide a useful introduction to the topic, featuring insights from leading customer service and social media practitioners’ such as Martin Hill-Wilson (Brainfood), Dominic Sparks (Tempero), Luke Brynley-Jones (Our Social Times) and Luke Porter (Sentiment).

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By skycomcc
23rd Apr 2016 05:11

Very interesting article, we were not fully aware that social media was so much powerful in this context.

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By markwilliams
17th Mar 2017 10:43

An estimate says that companies save anything from 30% to 60% by outsourcing their customer center services. Thank you for sharing such an excellent list of blogs related to call center and customer service.

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