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DM your insurer- Whatsapp & customer success

4th Feb 2022
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The disruption to the global social and economic landscape has been significant in the past two years. Businesses have had to overhaul their operations overnight as the world moved to digital to meet the demanding needs of the pandemic. The insurance sector was no different, and the customer did a 180 almost overnight.

Insurance players with siloed legacy technology were catapulted into the spotlight. Many established players were left behind. Customers needed on-demand, easy to navigate and accessible digital services and teams on-hand for queries on claims such as travel and health insurance. Gartner predicts that by 2022 70% of all customer interactions will involve technologies, including mobile messaging, chatbots, and machine learning. So why are customers still not satisfied?

Operating systems have had to realign to adapt to this new reality. Customer service teams across sectors are at their limits. Customers have been left frustrated or, even worse, turned to competitors. It’s time for insurers to win back their loyalty, and technology could be the saving grace.

Hyper-targeted, data-driven engagement

Insurance can be complex. Customers need a simple, easy and convenient way to satisfy their needs. Customer engagement must be hyper-targeted, and data-driven or prospects will take their request elsewhere. Time is money, and time is not on our side.

As many sectors including e-commerce and travel alleviate their already solid digital foundations to meet new customer needs, the insurance industry is lagging. With difficult to navigate websites, error-laden forms, delayed emails and inundated call centres - it is no surprise other sectors are leading the charge.

As the landscape continues to shift, more information is obtained online and insurance policies can now be completed digitally, meaning effective communication is essential. Policies are changing more frequently than ever before. Customers must remain informed where they spend the most time to avoid long-lasting reputational damage.

Easy, accessible and trustworthy tech

From sourcing quotes to submitting essential policy data and complaint management, the opportunities for insurers to maximise their service delivery is significant. Insurers must look to their digital strategies and the integration of modern technology to enhance their product and service offerings. Not only will they better engage with current and prospective customers but stand head and shoulders above competitors in 2022.

Fostering an environment where support is easily accessible, and trust can be built will win the all important golden ticket: loyalty. Having the right technology in place can improve overall performance and help insurers navigate the hugely competitive and saturated market.  

As millennials mature and social media becomes a more mainstream tool for businesses to adopt as their main communication channel to customers, being active where your core demographic spends most of its time will enrich transactions for both parties.

WhatsApp is the winning formula

Instant messaging channels like Whatsapp can engage, educate and encourage customers. All exchanges happen in one place, reducing the labour of combing through an abundance of emails to find a conversation or document. End-to-end encryption ensures customer information is protected and GDPR compliant - the benefits are significant.

Insurers can reach out to open an instant and real-time dialogue and economise precious customer service resources needed for more immediate requests. Given circumstances are constantly evolving, having an easy way to contact and update providers will be the difference between a retained customer and one that jumps ship.

The digital transformation of Insurance

Technology has been a lifeline for business over the pandemic. Strategies have had to completely shift as immediacy becomes more important than ever for customer loyalty and retention. Forward-thinking technology such as AI can potentially put insurers head and shoulder above their competitors. It is a matter of investment and deployment moving forward. 

Competition for customer engagement is fierce. The insurance sector must get creative to cut through the noise and respond to queries in a timely manner at scale. WhatsApp presents the industry with an exciting opportunity to lead the charge in the renewed experience economy.

As policies continue to change, so must the way the insurance sector engages with customers to keep them in the loop. Customers are changing, and businesses must too. An insurance agency’s front doors may be closed, but their instant messaging channels shouldn’t lie dormant.














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