How to improve your branding through CS

Customer service is the most important factor that can affect a company's reputation. The way your employees relate with your customers, how much regard you give your customers, etc, all count as part of customer service.

Most customers are busy with their daily activities and have no time to visit organisations to lodge their complaint, so they place a call to the customer care – they've probably been trying to get through that issue for hours or days and are frustrated already – only to get an information that's not helpful at all, or worst still, get connected to an unfriendly or bored customer service agent.

Imagine the kind of review that customer will give or how bad they will tarnish the image of your brand – especially in this tech age where everyone is connected to one social media page or the other and one bad customer service experience can clear out the years of good relationship your customers have had with your brand.

For this reason alone, you need to reorganise your organisation's customer service to better improve your branding. How do you go about this?

1. Make your goals clear

It's not enough to tell your employees to be nice to the customers – that is a minimum expectation; they should do that without being told.

However, there are certain things that are expected of them that you must make very clear.

They should be able to give the customers a "wow" feeling throughout their encounter with the company. They should ask themselves, if they were first time customers at a company, how would they love to be treated? And if they were returning customers, how would they like to be appreciated?

Whatever answers they give should be put into their daily encounters with the customers. Let them know that giving customers support should be their number one priority.

Go further by giving them specific guidelines to follow so they can provide the perfect service required to improve your branding.

Don't stop there; hire branding services, like, that will give you new effective ideas on how to use your customer service to improve your branding.

Doing this creates a special bond between you and your customers. They know they can feel safe if anything goes wrong with the products gotten from your company and your good etiquette will always keep your brand in their heart and mouth – so they can keep spreading the word.

2. Respect the complainers

It's truly very difficult to deal with a customer who always has something to complain about. However, they are your best assets.

If they're complaining about something, they'll draw your attention to it – even if it's not really a problem.

A customer can complain about a service rendered or a product sold, even though it worked as intended, still listen to them with utmost patience and then use the opportunity to place additional safety labels on the product or just revise the user manual.

Following this tactic, you win both ways. The customer is satisfied – a good review will probably be added as perk – and you get to better improve your product.

3. Respect customers' opinions

Most companies don't know this but your customers want to be a part of your decision-making process. They want to be acknowledged.

The most successful companies are those who welcome their customers' opinions. No one is an island of knowledge; more so, the purpose of going into business is to expand your customer base. What then are you doing if you aren't asking for the opinion of those customers who you so much cherish?

To improve your branding with customer service, collect feedback from your customers and work on the parts where you've failed to meet the customer's expectations. Doing this will improve the next experience the customer will have with your company, thereby creating a positive impression for your brand.

Customer service is a very effective part of every company’s branding and if well utilized can drive the company forward beyond expectations.

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