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How customer communications strengthens branding

11th Nov 2021
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Clear communication is an absolute essential for fruitful customer engagement, and hence, critical to the growth of your business. With the fundamental shifts and changes to commerce and working norms brought about by the pandemic, it has become even more important to hear the needs of your customers and make sure that you are speaking on the same wavelength.

Indeed, a happy customer gets on with his day, whereas a dissatisfied one will share their woes with anyone who will listen, our provides them a platform to vent their frustration. A glance at the number of customer reviews on the popular online reviews website such as will reveal a cross section of consumer complaints, from angered exclamations to articulate criticisms.

So, how to communicate with your customers?

Are you communicating properly, effectively, and responsively?

Proper communication does a lot to make sure that you satisfy the needs of your customers and, in doing so, garner their continued custom and further business generated by positive word of mouth.

Do you know what your customers are thinking and what concerns they may have about you?

Being proactive is crucial to healthy communication with your customers. Initiating the conversation commences the relationship between the customer and your brand and gives consumers the confidence and impetus to engage with you directly, rather than elsewhere.

What are the other benefits of proactive communication?

The positive impacts of you taking the initiative in reaching out are well established. If feeling acknowledged, recognised and valued, appreciative customers will respond favourably to your future endeavours.

The right line of enquiry can reveal a lot about what a customer wants and expects without them feeling interrogated. Proactive communication will also assist in digging out any particular issues your customer has with any aspect of your product or service before they grow out of your control.

Continuous communication with your current customer base is an excellent approach to maintaining engagement. Keeping the conversation alive using social media channels and e-mail campaigns, for example, you are able to nurture an enthusiastic, satisfied clientele.

An open-door policy also prompts customers to take up any concerns or queries directly with the source. This is perfect for your business, as it gives you the opportunity to not only nip any problems in the bud before they escalate, but also gives you the chance to show the customer how much you are concerned that they are 100% happy with their experience with you.

Tone of voice

Customer service tone or voice can refer to several attributes. A human that can understand context, subtext and even banter is infinitely more relatable and pleasant to deal with than a robotic, by-the-script, disinterested reception. Obviously, there are degrees to this, striking a balance between informality and professionalism is the key here. An over familiar, cheeky demeanour can be just as off putting as a stale, bloodless, bureaucratic one.

Keeping the customer in the picture with a continuous dialogue

You can keep communication channels open with live webchat, for example, a fuss free, immediate way for the customer to consult you on whatever query they have or problem they may be facing.

Ongoing customer dialogues also work to keep the customer informed, whether it be about progress that has been made with their specific enquiry or simply to let them know to sit tight, and that you are still working on the problem and have not forgotten about them.

The ultimate goal, a pleasant experience for all

A good customer communication strategy is vital to the success of any business of scale. Invest in staff training and implemented tried and tested communication strategies backed up with theory and you will raise smiles on the faces of not just your customers, but the front-facing staff that engage with them on a daily basis.

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