How to improve customer loyalty through reviews

22nd Mar 2021

One of the most primary parameters to measure your company’s success is customer loyalty – how likely your clients are to come back to you for future purchases. It has been found that 80% of a business’s profits come from 20% of its existing customers (aka repeat clients).

One of the many ways to help improve customer loyalty is responding to online reviews and complaints. Undeniably, having positive online customer reviews can contribute to building your loyal customer base.

Online statistics have evidenced that 91% of consumers look at product reviews before deciding whether to make a purchase or not. Of them, 93% admits being more likely to buy from a website that has received positive product/service reviews and rating.

It is equally important,  to address any negative feedback posted on  review websites and across various channels, forums, and social media, such as Quora, Reddit, Yelp, BBB, and Here are some handy tips and insights on how to build customer loyalty and get you on the right track.

Tips to improve customer loyalty

Tip #1: Resolve reported issues

The happier a customer is from their transaction with your brand, the more likely they will choose you for future purchases. Providing that you offer a great product or service, having positive reviews will help drive more prospects to your business. Satisfied prospects convert into customers, who, in turn, leave positive reviews. Therefore, providing exceptional customer service is key.

However, there are cases when a customer is unhappy with their experience with your company and leave negative feedback on a review website like Pissed Consumer. In this case, it is paramount to step into the issue and try to resolve it as soon (and as efficiently) as possible.

Having issues worked out and addressing any negative customer reviews can help regain trust and lower churn (when a customer leaves you).

Tip #2: Make changes based on reviews

Listening to what customers have to say about your brand can help you fine-tune your product or service so that it suits your target audience the best. Statistics have shown that retaining an existing customer is five times more cost-effective than acquiring a new one.

Given that a negative review is a sign that a customer is about to leave you. It becomes apparent that finding your pain points through your reviews is fundamental to your business success as it can help combat churn.

Whether the problem lies in your customer support service, functionality, value for money, or any other issue, identifying it will pinpoint the required changes. That way, your customers can see your product/service as an investment worth making.

While implementing changes based on your customer reviews, ensure you keep them engaged because changes take time. Also, try to create a detailed customer profile and answer questions like:

  • How often does a customer use your product/service?
  • What role does the reviewer play in their company?
  • What does a reviewer use your product/service for?
  • What is the industry the reviewer works in?

Try to be as specific as possible, so a large portion of your customers feels like you are solely focused on them, altering your product/service to fit their particular needs the most. You could even include your customers in the product/service changing process by sharing updates.

Tip #3: Turn satisfied customers into brand ambassadors

Customers that have left a positive review are your biggest “weapons” to bolster buy-in and customer engagement. Turning them into brand ambassadors will make them feel utterly valued and more engaged by you.

Simultaneously, giving them a platform and reason to repost a positive review will help generate leads. You may even use their positive reviews as content for promotional material, social media posts included.

Customer loyalty examples - Turning customer loyalty into stellar reviews

Here are some ways to get reviews from loyal clients and how to use them:

  • Don’t ask – Empower customers to leave a review. 
  • Reward reviewers (i.e., offer a discount on their next purchase).
  • Put reviews on your Home page.
  • Follow your customers across social media and review platforms.
  • Follow up with your customers.
  • Contact both positive and negative reviewers to socialize or respond accordingly.

Most importantly, giving consumers a reason to review your company, product or service can go a long way in improving your customer loyalty. Something as simple as a thank you message will be enough to make your customers feel appreciated, which is essential in building customer loyalty.

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