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Keeping customer satisfaction high during holidays

22nd Nov 2022
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Most retailers, both online and in-store, look forward to the golden quarter – a period that starts with Black Friday when festive shopping gears up, and companies look for strategies to enhance performance. Luckily, this time of year presents some real opportunities for retailers if they deploy smart tactics. 

It’s true to say shoppers have expectations around purchasing during the holidays. In a recent Black Friday survey, data revealed that 42.3% of people said a discount of 25-50% impacts their decision to make a purchase.

Industry experts comment that when retailing has a busy period, it can be a challenge for companies to maintain excellent levels of customer service. There can be a knock-on effect, with a proven link between good service and happy customers.

What’s Happening in Retail Now?

The British Retail Consortium suggested that retail sales remained positive in September 2022 with a growth of more than 2% in the same period last year. In fact, Knight Frank found retail sales values grew year on year by +4% in Q3 of 2022 and are predicting a similar performance over Q4. 

While retailers look to increase their share of holiday consumer spending, it’s important that businesses flexibly respond to demand. Commentators advise that now isn’t the time to let holiday customer service slide as shopper satisfaction delivers valuable benefits.   

Negative customer experiences can have a strong impact on shopper brand loyalty. PWC research shows that 30% of customers walk away from a brand they previously trusted if they have a bad encounter. 

In fact, found that 81.8% of respondents to their Black Friday survey said negative reviews impacted their purchasing decisions.

On the plus side, building a high volume of positive online reviews is worthwhile, as 84.6% read online reviews before completing Black Friday shopping. 

It’s a good idea to sustain excellent standards of customer service as much as possible, especially during the holidays. Reacting constructively to customer issues will help nip problems in the bud and maintain healthy trade. 

How to Increase Customer Satisfaction during Black Friday Season

Holiday shopping can be stressful for both customer service representatives and customers. Try out some of these easy customer service approaches for happy shoppers and staff.

Encourage Loyalty

Inspire return business with an advantageous customer loyalty programme that promotes repeat purchasing and continued brand support. 

Omnichannel Support

Offering omnichannel contact to your customers can enhance and streamline customer service methods, plus help personalise customer interactions. 

Connected shoppers are using a multitude of touchpoints before buying, such as online review sites and social media threads. Around 30% of UK shoppers used multiple channels before making a purchase.

Great Omnichannel Opportunities:

  • Messaging platforms enable customers to communicate with customer service agents in real time with direct results.
  • Web-based forms create requests that can be directed to relevant contact team members.
  • Live chat on your website enhances customer satisfaction as they can contact you when it’s convenient. Plus, your team can share information quickly and effectively to improve service provision. 
  • Adding a chatbot to your site can boost customer satisfaction. Chatbots can provide essential information to ease the buying process. 
  • Leverage social media. Customers can check information easily in a familiar format.
  • In-person customer service always rates highly with shoppers. It’s direct, human contact that enables people to get what they want when they want it. 


Including a space on your website with frequently asked questions and relevant answers can smooth the customer service process. Customers can quickly check your business hours, shipping delivery dates, and returns or exchange policies to better connect with your brand. 

Invest in Seasonal Staff

Hiring additional remote and in-store customer support staff in time for the holidays will get them up to speed before the rush begins. Your customers will thank you with return business if their experience online and in-store has a personal touch. 

Deliver on Time

Shoppers usually want their products as soon as possible. Reassuring them they will arrive on time with proven data means they will trust you with their business again, not just in the holidays. 

Maintaining customer happiness, even at the busiest of times, is a challenge. However, this can be easily resolved with smart strategies to deliver great products that customers really want. If you follow our recommendations, there’s no doubt you will build brand loyalty during the holiday period and into the future.


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