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Top complaints that made the PissedConsumer list

20th Jan 2022
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Customers take to the internet when things go sideways with a company or service provider. Online reviews provide a great way for consumers to seek help with issues, and a valuable opportunity for companies to publicly address issues and bring existing and new customers into the fold with their public apologies and solutions.

Current and potential future customers are paying careful attention to reviews and complaints. A full 95% of customers use reviews on a review website while they are shopping. At the same time, the statistics show that 88% of small business owners monitor their reputation, in which reviews play an important role.

Whether you’re looking for customer trends or simply curious about what’s happening in the industry, a review website makes this top list of consumer complaints. The collected data of reviews posted on review website during 2021 showcases the most frequent issues found with companies in the following categories:

Online shopping and retail

The online marketplace is booming, and it’s not entirely related to COVID. Online retail has been trending up for years, and companies are scrambling to match the expectations of customers and occasionally falling short. 

Across online stores, clothing brands, and footwear, customers are frustrated about the quality of the items they are receiving, but a very large potion of the reviews left online surround the return and refund process when things go badly. 

Customers seem to be having less trouble making a purchase than they do returning the items that don’t work for them or getting a refund on a return or items that simply never showed up.

By the numbers: Auctions and marketplace

  • Total number of reviews in 2021 – 67k
  • Total number of reviews marked as resolved – 619

By the numbers: Footwear and clothing category

  • Total number of reviews in 2021 – 62.9k
  • Total number of reviews marked as resolved – 498

Dating and social networking

Social media networks have expanded and undergone transformations over the past year. Social media users took to review sites to share their frustrations about having an account locked or blocked as well as scams and hackers in the apps and sites. Account issues made up the bulk of social media complaints, especially when customers can’t reach customer service. 

Dating websites also had a burst of activity as well over the course of the pandemic and they remain popular ways to reach out and meet others in our busy lives. But that doesn’t mean they are free from hassles. Customers are frustrated by the memberships in dating apps, especially when they can’t cancel a paid membership and their account continues to be charged after a cancellation.

By the numbers: Dating and social networking

  • Total number of reviews in 2021 – 71.7k
  • Total number of reviews marked as resolved – 743

Food delivery

Food and grocery delivery has been a booming industry over the last two years, and with growth and opportunity comes a few bumps in the road. Customers took to review websites to share their experiences with food delivery companies. 

Most complaints were about missing deliveries, late deliveries, cold food, items missing from orders, and wrong charges on their account.

By the numbers: Food delivery

  • Total number of reviews in 2021 – 51.1K
  • Total number of reviews marked as resolved – 342


Phones and internet services are a major part of modern life, not just a modern convenience. When there are issues with a service provider or technology in the field, it can make life very challenging. 

Frustrated customers found several reasons to complain and leave negative reviews online. They faced billing issues, connection problems, technical concerns, and had trouble cancelling services when they needed to. Most of all, customers experienced severe frustration when they were unable to contact customer service to address any of these concerns.

By the numbers: Telecommunication

  • Total number of reviews in 2021 – 36.6K
  • Total number of reviews marked as resolved – 238


Ride sharing has simplified life for many individuals and families on the go, but as a service, it certainly isn’t perfect. Most of the complaints about transportation stem from issues with the apps for ride shares or concerns about the rides themselves. 

Customers complain about rides being cancelled by the driver without reason or drivers arriving late for pick-ups. Some customers were billed twice for rides or had wrong charges in the accounts after using the apps.

By the numbers: Transport

  • Total number of reviews in 2021 –34.3k
  • Total number of reviews marked as resolved – 180

Customer reviews have transformed the service industry. Therefore, companies would do well to respect their power and use them to guide their own business model.

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