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24th Aug 2012
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Over the years, we here at InfoQuest have found that our clients sometimes find it difficult to determine the best way to structure a survey given such a wide variety of available choices.  While you have total flexibility in determining the overall content and direction of the survey, some clients have found the information below to be helpful.  It  is  a  composite  of  the  ten  most  commonly  chosen question sets used  by clients over the  past  few  years.  Remember as you review it that this is merely a possibility for a starting point.  The actual final content is entirely up to you.
STANDARD QUESTION SET (included in all surveys)
1.  Overall
A.  On an overall basis, how satisfied are you with our company?
B. How satisfied are you with the ease of doing business with our company?
C. I would purchase products or services from your company again.
D. I would recommend your company to an associate.
7. Pricing
A. How satisfied are you with the procedures we use for providing quotes?
B. Price quotes are provided quickly and accurately.
C.  When providing quotes, your availability of information is readily accessible and up to the minute.
D.  When providing quotes, the prices you quote or the availability of product meets my needs.
14.  Customer Impressions
A. How satisfied are you with our company as a business partner?
B. I intend to continue my business relationship with your company.
C.  When I think of quality products and services, I think of your company first.
D.  Your company listens and responds to me when I have a problem.
17.  Sales Performance
A. How satisfied are you with the overall performance of our sales representatives?
B.  Your sales representatives thoroughly know and understand your products and services.
C.  Your sales representatives understand my business needs.
D.  Your sales representatives suggest solutions to improve our business.
22.  Customer Support
A. How satisfied are you with the level of customer support we provide?
B.  Overall, your personnel make me feel as though you have my best interests in mind.
C.  Questions and needs are responded to quickly and efficiently.
D.  Company personnel are knowledgeable of and responsive to my business needs.
25.  Delivery
A.  How satisfied are you with the delivery of our products or services?
B.  Your deliveries arrive when promised.
C.  Your deliveries are complete and accurate.
D.  All deliveries are clearly marked to identify the contents.
31.  Product Quality
A.  How satisfied are you with the quality of our products?
B.  The products supplied by your company perform as represented in your literature.
C.  Any issues having to do with quality are promptly corrected.
D.  The quality process that you use in your company is sufficient for our requirements.
32.  Product Value
A.  Overall, how satisfied are you with our products?
B.  I purchase your products because they represent excellent value for the money.
C.  When I think of product quality, I think of your company first.
D.  Of all the suppliers of your product I’ve used, yours provides the highest overall reliability.
40.  Management Interactions
A.  How satisfied are you with your interactions with our management?
B.  The management people I have contacted in your company are customer focused.
C.  I know that your management is available to address my problems and concerns.
D.  I can always contact someone in your company who can make decisions that affect me.
56.  Ordering
A.  How satisfied are you with the effectiveness with which we process your orders?
B.  I never experience a problem when I place an order by telephone.
C.  Ordering from your company is an easy process.
D. Your company is flexible and accommodating when we need to make changes to an order.
58.  Customer Support
A.  How satisfied are you with the customer service we provide?
B.  The customer service personnel are pleasant and knowledgeable.
C.  Whenever a problem arises, I know who to contact.
D.  If someone cannot initially answer my question, they find the answer and get back to me promptly.
For the full library of standard B2B customer satisfaction questions and statements please go to

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