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7 ways AI is transforming email marketing

18th Jun 2019
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How ai is transforming email marketing

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the marketing scenario in recent years and will continue to so in the near future.

Email Marketing, which is one of the best forms of marketing, has been hugely benefiting from artificial intelligence and helping in delivering good business results.

Find out some of the best ways, in which artificial intelligence can transform your email marketing campaign:

      1. SUBJECT LINE:

The subject line in an email motivates the reader for opening the email or not. If the subject line is dull and predictive, then it is most likely that the recipients are not going to open the email.

An attractive subject line of interest to them motivates them to open the email.  With the use of artificial intelligence in email marketing, it has become easier for creating subject lines striking the right chord with the customer. A strong connection with the customer is what is needed to increase the conversion rates from email marketing, which artificial intelligence is able to fulfill.   


Artificial intelligence helps in the personalization of the email. With too many emails being sent to customers, it has become necessary for a marketer to craft emails relating to the needs of the recipient. With the help of artificial intelligence, the data connected to the recipient’s needs are analyzed through which email content can be developed, addressing the pain points of the recipient.

personalization to increase the impact of email marketing

The above example is of the e-commerce giant Amazon, which has personalized the email content as per the recipient’s buying behavior and needs.


Countries across the world have different time zones. For example, 9 A.M in UK will be 4 A.M in USA, the same day. So, if you are sending an email to the UK customer at 9 A.M, you cannot send the email to the US customer at the same time, as 4 A.M will be not helpful in connecting with the recipient in USA. Optimal timings for sending email are necessary to get in touch with the recipient at the right time.


Email content has the power to connect with the customer instantly. As a marketer, you should craft the right content, meeting the expectations of the customer. Artificial intelligence hugely helps in understanding the needs of the customer, and develop content which can get their attention. You have to promote the story of your brand by aligning it with the needs of the customer. Stories inspire human being, and if the story makes a connection with the customer, then they will be automatically attracted towards your brand.


The frequency of the emails can be planned with the right insights from artificial intelligence. More number of emails can turn away the customers, while less number of it might fail to make the right connection with the customer. Email marketing with artificial intelligence helps in planning the right strategy for optimizing the frequency of the email.

      6. RE-TARGETING:

As you know, there are some customers who add the items in the shopping cart, but then leave it halfway due to many reasons, which might be like they got an urgent call, or they changed their mind to purchase items or service in the last minute, etc. Whatever be the reason the user’s data get stored, and with the help of artificial intelligence, the data can be analyzed for re-targeting the customers.


Artificial intelligence and email marketing can improvise your next digital marketing strategy. The below image shows how one can invite the executives to learn and understand specific technology and strategy with the help of digital marketing.

60 second marketer snapshot


The role of AI in email marketing is bound to increase in the coming years. It will help in 1:1 personalization, assisting marketers in delivering the email content to the right customer at the right time. All this will be executed in an automated fashion, with minimal chances of error and generating better email marketing results. Artificial intelligence combination with email marketing has the power to transform the entire email marketing process positively, which any marketer should not miss.


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