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3 Companies Who Did Social Media Marketing Right

30th Jun 2015
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Social media is a powerful tool for marketing in today’s business world. The right social media campaign can generate quite a lot of buzz around a company. Companies that do not have a social media manager or someone who updates their social media could be missing out on a large portion of customers. There are many ways that social media can help benefit a business. First it helps engage customers or perspective customers just by being active and having unique content on the page. Second it is a great tool for customer service or just happy banter between the brand and its customers. Third it helps build your brand into a more approachable entity. The following 3 companies marketed via social media and did it correctly.

Justin Boots

This company has been around since 1879 and they still are active on social media. This shows the power of social media as a whole since an institution like Justin Boots are marketing via this outlet. This company used Instagram very well as they show off their boots. They also have sponsored bull riders as this is the western demographic that they like to target. They also sponsor concerts and county singers like George Strait, and give away tickets to country music via social media contests or giveaways. Their Pinterest page is full of their products as well as people having fun while wearing their boots. Justin Boots knows who they are targeting and does not put superfluous things on their social media pages since their customers are straight to the point kind of people.

Red Bull

The people over at Red Bull are great at marketing and social media marketing is no different. Red Bull is the most popular energy drink on the planet selling billions of cans a year. Red Bull did something interesting and turned this energy drink into more of a lifestyle drink. The first demographic they target are the thrill seekers and this worked perfectly with the jump from 120,000 feet. The engagement for this feat was incredible and the fact that the slogan is “Red Bull gives you wings” also added to it. Red Bull goes to social media with pictures of celebrities, athletes, and rappers to help build its brand and sell a lifestyle rather than a drink. Red Bull does a great job at knowing who their customer base is and how to market to it.


Airbnb was started just 5 years ago and has grown by leaps and bounds over those 5 years. Across all of their social media channels there can be travel tips and interaction between other users. Airbnb even has their stories on social media that helps build the community within users whether they rent out their home or are a frequent user of the service. There are stories that are told between the different users which helps foster engagement with comments or likes. This is a great form of marketing as it has the customers doing the advertising for you. Another takeaway is that Airbnb is killing the competition in engagement with the different stories that users tell. Having a great product doesn’t always cut it and Airbnb is doing the right things as well as having a great product. They can be seen doing content marketing whether it is tips or other travel related articles then they Tweet them out or post them to their Facebook page.

As you can see there is no one size fits all when it comes to using social media for marketing. Interesting social media campaigns sprout up each day hoping to get followers and customers engaged with their brand. Some are successful while many are not. Watching successful campaigns is a great way to model your campaign after. Make sure to drive engagement and sales then the social media marketing will be considered a success.

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