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Best Tips About Customer Experience Sustainability

1st Nov 2017
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Customer Experience Sustainability

What are the aspects on which the success of the company should be evaluated? Some would say their net worth, and some would say the quality of their products. Every answer is right according to different definitions of success, but one point which is imperative than other is the experience that you provide to your customers.

Providing a better customer experience is not limited to just providing faster and relevant customer services. There are numerous ways of making the experience of customers from your product which not only look significant but are very effective too. For this, you have to develop a modern thinking of business which is far beyond than just selling and buying of products and satisfying customer's needs.

Customer satisfaction is a vast topic which we most of the time only associate with entertaining the customer’s query or complaint within a limited time frame. Customer satisfaction is just a small part of the entire customer experience. What most of the companies fail to realize is that the customer experience is a journey from ordering or purchasing a product from store to using it till the expiry. This comprises each and every element of the product's quality, before sales and after-sales services elements that bring sustainability in customer's experience.

To bring out the substantial level of sustainability in your customer’s experience, you have to make your product dynamic and create some strategies. To explain it better to you, in the next lines of this article I am going to tell you some of the tried and tested tips about the customer experience sustainability which the companies have used and got the perks out of it too.


Convenience is the key when it comes to getting the customer’s satisfaction. Not just from the customer’s point of view, it is also important for your business to keep as close to your customer as possible so you won’t miss out the chance to entertain his needs. In the age of rapidly advancing technology and changing fashion trends, one thing which can keep you ahead without both of these factors is accessibility and 24 hours available to the customers. On the larger perspective, availability is not the only parameter of convenience.

In the days when every day a new startup trying to join the world businesses introduce new and unique ways of reaching out the masses, they think in a way which sometimes most of the big names fail to think. For example, there is an online store which gives you a waiver on the total amount of the product by trading your used products with the new ones. This is the convenience for people to get new products at much fewer prices just by replacing the old one with it.

Bring Discipline in Policies:

Every company wants to provide their customers with a best possible experience. The only thing which makes them apart is keeping discipline in their policies and keeping them constant. For some reasons, companies prefer to compromise on their customer experience in the crunch times of business. This may get them a limited time profit, but for the long term, they are losing their customers unknowingly.

In the modern age, customers have a minimum level of loyalty with the brand or product. There are more people in the market who are waiting for a window to hunt down your customers by using different tactics. The moment you miss, they will jump onto your customers with all the attractive offers and promises. That is why being constant in your policies of customer experience and satisfaction is important to a critical level.

Make them feel important:

The biggest success for a brand is to get attached with your customers. Once you start generating emotional feelings in your customers is the point when they will get attached to you. The only way of doing it to make them feel important. To get this feeling in them, you have to listen to their opinions. For this, there are numerous ways.

You can start with the promoted discussion forum for the customers. By dedicating a space for the customers where they not only can give their reviews about you or raise your voice at any certain point, ask them to do what next and what they expect from you to do. The expectations of the customers can also be analyzed and indulged in your services that can change the entire persona of your brand and could give it a custom feel.

People to People:

One of the most annoying thing for the customer when the brand started sounding like a brand or a company. This is the tipping point for the customers when he starts losing his interest and loyalty with the product or business, and he starts thinking about alternates.

People want to deal with other people. To ensure you are communicating better with your customers, you have to ensure that any representative from your company is shooting emails to your customers with his name and designation instead with the name of brand or company. By getting personal with the customers help you to bring out more of their opinion out of them. It is also a great way of building a healthy relationship with your customer. What is better than having a friend of yours in a brand which you like the most!

Do not forget about CSR:

In the race of getting more and more customers and skyrocketing your profits, do not forget about giving something back to your customers. There is a saying in the marketing circle that the brands who care about the world, the world cares about them as well. By giving back to the society, you can create a human-like feeling for your brand which thinks about the community which ultimately generates the trust of the customers on you.

Some brands believe that the CSR should not be promoted as it is an individual deed. Conversely, it is important for the people to know or the campaigns that allow others to collaborate as well have been the success stories.

If you want to provide sustainable customer experience, you have to be sustainable in your activities too. CSR is something which a brand can sustain for long which gives more time to your customers to observe and believe.

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By sarajane
24th Nov 2017 00:53

Its true that if you want to inspire and motivate your customers to become loyal to your brand, you must listen to them and make them feel important. With social media now leading the way for brands to engage their customers, the one-to-one communication connection is completely changing the business landscape. I think the key to inspiring employees to want to listen to customers is to make sure you motivate them by making them feel the company is theirs too and that they are not just an employee.

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