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Elementality: how the streets and the forest became connected

8th Apr 2016
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Element Skateboarding is a well-known and an open-minded lifestyle brand offering footwear, apparel, skateboards, and other accessories for men and women. This brand is focused on making the skateboarding experience for the masses a truly amazing one.  

Let's talk element

‘Hello Customer Podcast’ interviewed the founder of Element, Johnny Schillereff who described the amazing journey of this brand. 

How the Element Seed was Planted

Element started out when Schillereff made a decision of reshaping his life and doing something positive with his passion for skateboarding, art, and nature. This is when the seed of ‘Elementality’ was formed in his mind and he initiated this brand in his youth. According to Schillereff, Element started out as a symbol of what he believed should be happening with youth culture and brand – positive messaging while having fun and being rebellious. 

“[Element] really represents a positive youth movement, and skateboarding just by coincidence in many ways is what I gravitated to as a kid, and became my vehicle to really express myself,” - Schillereff stated, described his brand with a passion. 

The Major Goal 

The goal of Element is simple:  

  • To be the best it could be in the most ethical and honest way possible 
  • To join together in order to elevate what the brand believe in 
  • Continue to create the message, direction, and art to enhance the skateboarding experience  

Element has been created with a unique balance between street and nature. The brand focuses on brining the forest to the streets! 

Elemental Awareness  

Elemental Awareness is a nonprofit organization created by Schillereff, Todd Larson, and Michael Kershnar. The main mission of this organization is reaching out to the youth and exploring the natural world with them. The brand helps the youth in learning all about skateboarding and nature in a fun way. Schillereff described how there is a something calming about both nature and skateboarding. Indeed both are completely different, but one can find the same Zen while skateboarding as in nature.  

The goals of Elemental Awareness are: 

  • Offering an opportunity to the youth to learn about nature, skateboarding and the parallels between them both.  
  • Providing them a doorway to lead a more productive life by meeting and learning from other individuals and mentors who come together from all over the globe. 
  • Giving them a chance to have fun and lead a positive life. 

Creating a Positive Vibe  

‘Make it Count’ is another initiative by this brand in which the team tours different areas and hold contests. This helps in: 

  • Creating a positive vibe in the community  
  • Providing a fun and competitive environment  
  • Enhancing the creativity of the youth 
  • Bringing the youth and professional skateboarders together to interact and learn 
  • Encouraging hope in the youth that they can pursue their dreams 

The Personal Connection  

According to Schillereff, Element isn’t just a skate or fashion brand. It is more of a mentorship, a connection, and a medium of giving back to the society and this world. Schillereff explains how important it is to connect with your audience and giving them what they want. Element focuses more on redefining and revolutionizing the life of the youth instead of simply helping them make a fashion statement or skateboarding.  

Schillereff recounted stories of numerous kids who have taken part in the brand’s contests, skate camps, and programs. Many of those kids have even grown up to become counselors. Some started their own programs at the camps, like art programs, magazine making, video programs and more.  

Not a company, a spirit

The Essence of Element  

The essence of element is its spirit which is a powerful source connecting this brand with the youth. Schillereff explains that the brand’s products are simply a means of complementing that energy and spirit.  The brand base whatever they do on positive spirit and energy by helping one another and growing as a team and ensuring that the youth have a positive environment to bloom in.  

Element Skateboards is truly dedicated towards taking the skateboarding experience to a whole new level. It speaks to the youth and makes tremendous efforts in connecting with them. This is indeed the secret behind their massive success.   

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