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CV writing tips for CX professionals - part 2

22nd Jun 2021
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Are you quantifying your commercial value clearly and powerfully on your CV?

What has your CX Strategy contributed to the bottom line? You need to 100% own the commercial successes of your CX initiatives – and be clear about these on your CV and profile.

We often see really senior CX professionals undersell this aspect of their success in their CVs. Probably you had to build a business case and negotiate for the budget for your strategy or process improvements, and you know exactly how much it cost as an investment for the business.  You also know what it’s generated, so be clear about sharing that!

It might be cost savings in terms of reduced levels of complaints, quicker resolution times, more efficient contact centres with less staff churn. Or maybe it’s increased loyalty and lifetime value with customers, upselling more often and more easily, better CSAT scores and higher profit margins. Be clear and confident about the financial upside of your work.   

Customer Experience professionals are often more comfortable promoting their softer skills, or their technical expertise – but it is very powerful to link successes to really clear commercial advantage. The world of Customer Experience no longer represents a ‘tick box’ / ‘nice to have’ nod to imaginary or idealised customer personas - it has moved to front and centre in strategic planning, and you need to be clear and unapologetic about what you bring to the table. 

Actually, most CX professionals ARE completely clear about this – but it doesn’t always translate down onto CVs, so do think about it and make sure you are as strong as possible in this important area. 

The other reason you need to think carefully about what your approach has delivered in commercial terms is that it will hugely add to your credibility in interview. So it’s really worth spending some time getting fluent about the bottom line and your contribution.  

So to sum up – 

  1. Think about the quantifiable commercial success you’ve delivered and get this really clear on your CV. 
  2. Be prepared to elaborate on this at interview with specific, detailed financial information. 

For more advice or to have a chat about the market in general – or of course if you are recruiting in Customer Experience, please get in touch with Kate Baird or Jo van Riemsdijk at CX Talent Ltd – and there’s lots more information on our website completely free of charge.  

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