Generative AI: What is it & why is it so exciting?

8th Mar 2023

Generative AI tools – such as ChatGPT – have captured the minds of everyone across the technology spectrum and beyond.

Its ability to offer human-like conversations across a range of diverse topics has seen the model successfully write poetry, debug code and even troubleshoot IT issues in recent months.


What does this mean for CX and the Contact Centre?

For those of us in the customer service and contact centre industries with customer experience at heart, it’s certainly an exciting development – with its impact leading to many analysts and AI thought leaders touting it as the beginning of an exciting ‘second wave’ in AI capability.

Empowering people to deliver excellent CX

At Sabio we strongly believe in empowering advisors, arming them with the equipment and technical capabilities needed to deliver excellent CX - while at the same time being the best version of themselves. 

We've put together a new collection of bite-sized eBooks which focus on the tools and technologies required to empower your advisors. 'Generative AI: A false dawn in customer service, or the new hope?' is one Sabio's bite-sized eBooks in the series. 

Download Sabio's new eBook to discover:

  • More about generative AI
  • Why it's an exciting development
  • What it potentially means for CX, customer service and the contact centre

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