Using AI & automation to empower agents

19th Jan 2023

Today, the benefits of AI and Automation are now accessible to companies of all sizes.


Enhancing business benefits & reducing repetitive tasks for advisors 

From small implementations to futuristic AI-powered dashboards that supercharge your advisor’s ability to help, the costs associated with AI and automation projects are decreasing all the time. Today, the benefits of AI and Automation are now accessible to companies of all sizes. But what exactly does that mean...

  1. For your customers, it means a smoother and more effortless experience – not just through automated conversational AI for initial contact, but thanks to AI providing advisors with immediate interaction history, there’s no need to waste time repeating the reason for your call.
  2. For your advisors, thanks to AI’s ability to listen in to customer interactions, augmenting the experience and equipping advisors with key contextual insights, these can play a key role in helping to ease conversational difficulties, reduce agent stress and improve mental wellbeing.
  3. For your contact centre and broader business, the blend of self-service automation and assisted human service from empowered advisors will provide contact centre management with a powerful mix to offset traditional recruitment and retention challenges. 

Empowering people to deliver excellent CX

At Sabio we strongly believe in empowering advisors, arming them with the equipment and technical capabilities needed to deliver excellent CX - while at the same time being the best version of themselves. 

We've put together a new collection of bite-sized eBooks which focus on the tools and technologies required to empower your advisors. 'Using AI & automation to empower agents' is one of five bite-sized eBooks in the series. 

Download Sabio's new eBook to discover:

  • How AI and Automation can help advisors address today’s key CX challenges
  • How to power contact centre performance with AI and automation
  • How to support advisors with AI enabled technology and solutions
  • How to unlock business benefits with AI and automation

Learn more about AI & automation, download the new eBook here

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