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What kind of customer are you?

7th Aug 2020
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I'm the kind of customer who recognises a good experience when it happens, I'll happily pay more for it, I revel in it, I share the experience on social media, I recommend the company to my friends and I’ll likely become a bit of a brand loyalist.

But, I'm also very sensitive to a bad experience and if it's without excuse I won't be returning (Don't get me started on Nandos!)

What about you? What kind of customer are you?

Are you the 'Customer of convenience'?  The customer who despite the experience will tend to return because it's easy and convenient for you.

Are you the 'Cost over care customer'? The customer who will put up with a below-par experience if the price is right.

Are you the 'Service seeker'? The customer who will pay more to ensure a good service.

The kind of customer you are will determine your shopping decisions, you know what's important to you, you know what you are willing to forego and what, without exception, you absolutely must-have.

It's this very knowledge that organisations must harness. Knowing the kind of customer you service will dictate the strategies you take to maximise your business capability.

Let's take the Customer of convenience as an example. If this is your core customer base you don't need to waste resources on creating the 'Jaguar' of experiences if in reality, your customers are going to return time after time for the 'fiat' experience. It isn't that you don't care, but your priorities can be focused elsewhere.

However, if your core customers are the Service seekers, they want 'exceptional' and they are willing to pay for it. So in this example, you can comfortably invest in creating the 'Jaguar' of experiences because you know that you will see a return on your investment. 

So spend some time thinking about the kind of customer you have and make sure your service design is right for them.

Happy CX-ing!

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