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How brands build customer trust

23rd Jun 2016
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With heavy competition in a crowded market place, large retailers are beginning to realise there is no such thing as brand loyalty. Social media and the internet has led to better communication and a consumer that is highly informed. They are inclined to make ethical choices and lean towards brands that add value to their life and the lives of those around them. Brands need to show they are making a difference in the world and that their focus is not just on the bottom line. The brand needs to have a genuine connection with consumer and if this happens you build the foundation for lasting support and loyalty. So let’s look at how they build trust:

They get real

Sincerity is the name of the game, we need to feel confident about the choices we make. As consumers, we are drawn to an honest, appealing story. Engaging your audience with a clear message, a strong identity and showing commitment to delivering exactly what you promise. You also have to ensure the promise is exactly what the consumer will experience, you don’t want poor delivery of service to create negative effect on your brand. Bad news on social media travels very fast and all your hard work in building trust with your customers can swiftly disappear.

The importance of content

Your content strategy will play a huge part in gaining engagement and building trust. Honesty and transparency are vital for savvy customers so ensure your organisation is ethical. Customers want to make the moral choice and happy customers will not only become loyal customers but will also become your best PR people. Authenticity is also key, people relate to people and therefore need to relate to your business. Stories about the founders and the team will help your customers connect with you and your product. Trust also builds if they respect your knowledge. Are your products cutting edge? Are you an expert in your field? Offer relevant information and articles on your website to help keep your customers informed on your industry, your products and your business.

Looks count

From the style of your logo to the design of your website, the visual representation of your business is key in gaining customer trust. Design needs to be eye catching, engaging and consistent across your product range and marketing collateral. Simple design works best and studies have shown that people prefer and trust fresh, simple design.

Make life easy

Don’t make you customers’ life complicated. Ensure their experience of your business and brand is a positive one, whether offline on the phone or face to face contact or online via your website. Be a customer for a day to get the full experience. How did you feel afterwards? Was it a positive experience, did you feel happy and would you sing the praises of your own company?


Today we hardly make any purchase before doing a bit of online research. In other words we trust what others say about your products before we trust your brand. What people say about a product or organisation is key to the decision making process and building trust with your target audience. Likes, reviews and ratings are essential to build faith in your product.

At your service

Nothing builds trust and loyalty in an organisation than great customer service. With increased competition, customers are more demanding and come with higher expectations. Outstanding customer service will always will you favours and will ensure your business stands out heads above the rest.

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